If I had any advice to give to a young Manager just starting their career after my 30 years plus in this great industry it would simply  be this, join the Young Bus Manager network. It is one of those organisations that give people a support network, not only with peers but with many others who have like me been around the block a few times. The latest event took place in Oxford a week or two ago. It was the biggest and best attended event yet with 92 people attending an action packed and busy agenda.

I attended the first event that took place at the Jury’s Inn Hotel in Broad Street in good old Birmingham. This was back in 2008 I think and i basically gate crashed the event along with a man who was perfectly positioned to join, and that was the charismatic Scott Dunn. He was then the MD of the Diamond Bus Company, and back then we were on a roll. We had a great team and we did excellent things.

So, when Scott who was about 32 at the time was asked if he would like to attend he said yes and asked me if I wanted to go along, so of course I said yes. The founding fathers back then were the legends that are Roger French OBE, and James Freeman, they were ably supported back then by Simon Mathieson and Alex Hornby, both of who have gone onto achieve some great things. The logic back then was to create a club where young people under the age of 35 could meet and listen to presentations from well respected figures and leaders from the UK Bus and Coach Industry.

To be fair that is exactly what has been happening, and even though it has had it’s challenges, it has added real value, and now is a recognised and respected as a real force for good. I am not sure what the criteria is these days for people to join but no doubt it will be on the website. I do know that the cut off age is 35, so that clearly well and truly rules me well out of it. Indeed I have done two presentations at events in Reading and somewhere else that I cannot remember.

So if you are a budding energetic, motivated young Manager and you have not joined the club yet get on the website (The Young Bus Managers network) and if you hold a managerial job in the UK then get yourself signed up, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.