Stay connected to your frontline workforce.


Overview of Unity

Full integration for greater efficiency and manage teams on the move.

Instantly relay real-time information to help your team do their jobs and keep your buses, and your business, running like clockwork.


Everything in their pocket

All the tools, documents, news and information your drivers and mobile workforce need can be integrated into the Unity platform and accessed through the app. The experience can even be curated for each user.


Promote a culture of productivity

Empower your drivers by providing one-touch access to their performance metrics and driving data, so they can see for themselves exactly how they’re doing.


Instant reporting from the frontline

Drivers can use the app to immediately report on incidents or accidents in real-time, so you can react before they impact the rest of your network.


It’s a two way street

Unity helps keep your workforce engaged. Teams can collaborate and share ideas, and key decision makers can provide feedback.

Key Features

Teams supported and powered by Unity


Promotes self-improvement

Performance KPIs.

Punctuality and driving behaviour KPIs allow drivers to view and proactively improve their own performance.

Driving a safer culture


Speeding data, walk-around checks and safety information to support a culture of safety.


Curated and personalised


Company-wide and personalised newsfeeds keep drivers up to date with what’s happening in the business.

Paperless is easy

Document Library.

A library to store all the documents frontline employees may need to perform their role.


To the minute

Vehicle Locator.

Identifying the whereabouts of a vehicle is key, especially for drivers about to take over a duty. Our vehicle locator is simple, accurate and keeps drivers updated.

Why uTrack?

Customer-like experiences for engaged employees.

For over ten years, we’ve been helping major transport companies across the world to deliver better journeys and take total control of their operations.

Proven at Scale

Our largest deployment includes a client with more than 100,000 employees.

Integrated Platform

Our full suite of solutions work together on the same award-winning platform.



Our products are independently pen tested and we’re ISO 27001 certified.

High Value

Subscriptions typically require no capital expenditure and seamlessly integrate operational control and employee engagement.

Join the companies already reaping the rewards of Unity’s powerful features.

Go-Ahead Ireland

We have been working alongside uTrack to deliver a new employee app that will assist our colleagues with their daily roles. It will help with things like duty and holiday management providing users the ability to check and make changes wherever they are. It will also improve the company’s overall communication, allowing us to distribute information directly to colleagues’ mobile phones. We are very excited to see the positive impact that this partnership with uTrack will have and how this technology will impact the growth of our business.

Ed Wills
Managing Director
• Go-Ahead Ireland

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