Transport tracking applications for schools, parents, and district authorities.


What is Schools?

‘What’s your ETA?’ – It’s a text that parents send their children daily, along with queries about arrival times that prompt regular calls from concerned family members to schools and district authorities. With busy lives to coordinate, parents need reassurance that their child’s journey is running to schedule.That’s why we’ve developed location tracking applications that are designed specifically for the needs of parents, schools, and districts. Together they provide instant access to accurate, real-time information on the location of school buses and their predicted arrival times.

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How does it help?

Schools can help your business in different scenarios


Customised journey alerts

Users can receive route alert notifications direct to their phone for the services and stops they want to know about.

Real-time individual vehicle tracking

This feature gives the ability to follow the location of a specific vehicle assuring the user that a route was completed and also show any potential issues along the way.

Important safety information

All safety information including privacy policies, terms and conditions, FAQs as well as other information and support is available directly in the application schools & Districts.

Core Features for Families

Personalised push notifications

Track individual vehicles in real-time

Email updates sent to 4 addresses

Safety information available eg. Driver checks

Real-time bus map tracker

In App support chat and contact details

Schools & District

Accurate location information

From the location of the vehicle to the position of stops and schools this tool allows you to see a full picture of the route and at what stage of it the bus is at.

All-in-one dashboard

A comprehensive view of school and district operations is what you will have in the dashboard. Packaged in a simple and intuitive user system.

Real-time user updates


School and district administrators can use the system to contact and update anyone on the network whether there is a district-wide update or an individual pupil update to be sent transport administrators.

Core Features for Schools & Districts

User/student details in one place

GPS location tracking of vehicle fleet

Visuals on all timetables & routes

Comprehensive view of operations

Relay accurate information to users

School & district alert feature

Transport Admins

Full picture of network



All of the information that you need from district to pupil, from school to parent and from route to the driver.

Relevant reporting to enhance services

The system allows you to add value to the schools and districts by giving them detailed reports of their metrics so that they can improve their services.

User management



Stay GDPR compliant with comprehensive user management for all levels of jurisdiction.

Core Features for Transport Admins

Support schools and districts directly

All information on schools and districts in one place

Use reporting to help improve services

Manage users and protect sensitive information

Track usability and performance

Assist with user issues

Key Benefits

Stay one step head of your buses

Simplify your day

Open up communication.
Keep everyone in the loop.

Parents want to know their child’s bus has arrived at school. Schools and authorities want travel information to deal with delays on the road promptly. Our platform creates a simple network of communication that makes student travel information easy and secure for everyone.

Peace of mind

A student’s journey, in a parent’s pocket.

The Student App (available on iOS, Android and Computer), helps parents create secure, customised profiles for individual or multiple children and using GPS technology, shows the current location of a child’s bus and ETA at a named stop. Any delays are alerted by push notification or emailed to up to four members.

Proactively manage issues

Travel information for a whole district. All in one place.

The District Dashboard is available on any web browser and is a centralised area to review the performance of vehicles serving your schools. It allows school administrators to proactively deal with travel issues/delays, make decisions, and reassure parents, regardless of whether it’s one school or one thousand.

Central Control

Monitor. Analyse. Optimise.

The Admin Hub gives transport support teams complete clarity of what’s happening on the roads from any web browser. With access to accurate, real-time information, troubleshoot routes delays, and the ability to provide detailed reports on data such as consistently delayed bus routes.

Scaled for your needs

A perfect fit. Build your unique solution.

The platform is designed to be versatile, so you can adapt it to the unique needs of your network and the service you provide to schools and students. It has worked for companies transporting millions of students everyday as well as those only transporting a few hundred.

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