Take the complexity out of route planning and vehicle tracking.

Devices Mockup of the Rygo product showcasing the Passengers app screens when the user can see the location of the bus, buy tickets and get digital tickets also on the watch and wereables

Overview of Rygo

Route planning for optimal utilisation.

It’s the all-in-one transport tracking platform for everyone! From passengers to operators and schools, RYGO allows passengers to accurately track the location of their bus, and bus operators to provide the best routes and reliable commuting services to school students and businesses.


Offers digital ticketing

All operators, regardless of size, can provide a digital ticketing to their customers, without the need for a bespoke app.


Removes the guesswork

The RYGO app uses mobile technology to show commuters exactly where their bus is.


Shows ridership statistics

Businesses & schools have a platform to see passenger statistics, such as which stops are the most used.

Tracks passenger numbers

The driver’s Bluetooth scanner scans each passenger as they get on board.


Predicts the ETA

Passengers can see an accurate time of arrival based on real-time information.

Key Features

Transport industry innovation driven by Rygo


Up to the minute

Real-time vehicle tracking.

To track a vehicle’s live location in real-time, we simply take the GPS ping from the driver’s device.

Frictionless service

In-app ticket payments.

Tickets can be purchased through the app, saving time and creating a digital proof of purchase. No more lost tickets.

Devices Mockup showcasing the Rygo Feature to see your bus tickets and map location and to display your digital ticket to the driver and to be scanned

Profitable routes

Service-enhancing data collection.

RYGO collects a range of data, from bus stop popularity to journey time between stops, helping enhance efficiency in timetables and vehicle resource allocation.

Plug and play

Easy install, powerful results.

RYGO uses GPS tracking technology, so the install is simply turning on a device. Also, with a ‘ready to go’ platform, operators can offer it to passengers regardless of size.


Why uTrack?

Creating frictionless services and profitable routes made possible.

For over ten years, we’ve been helping major transport companies across the world to deliver better journeys and take total control of their operations.

Stay in Control

Rygo isn’t a middleman. We provide organisations with the technology to advance their existing transport services.

Built for Passengers, by Passengers

We’ve spent years designing and building the ultimate user experience for passengers in a simple, intuitive app.

Constantly Iterating

We’re committed to ensuring your customers get access to the latest technologies first. We publish new features to our platform every month!

A Trusted Solution

Our platform is trusted by a wide range of industries from government agencies to educational institutions — we’re informing decisions and empowering customers.

One of our largest school transportation clients, First Student, stated that RYGO saw an incredible 667% increase in users, over the 2018-19 school year.

First Student

It’s a game changer for parents and the district alike to be able to see in real-time when a bus will arrive. We believe it could set the new standard for how parents are informed about transportation.

Keith Paulson
Transportation Director
• Anoka-Hennepin

Join the companies already reaping the rewards of Origin’s powerful features.

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