“I am polishing my black tie, and putting on my tails “, so Fred Astaire famously sang in the movie called Putting On The Ritz, which was massive back when I was a youngster. Nowadays the majority of people on planet earth have probably never heard of Fred, although he was the Johnnie Depp of his generation, or maybe Brad Pitt. Anyway as ever I digress my dear reader chum. The truth is that this very tenuous link is alluding to the fact that it is now time to get your thinking caps on and get your entries in for the Route One Awards.

There are a total of 16 categories open for entries across all sizes and scales of Companies. So you could enter the following: 1 Operator training award, 2 Manager of the year (up to 150 vehicles) 3 Manager of the Year ( over 150 vehicles) 4 Engineer of the Year (up to 150 vehicles) 5 Engineer of the Year (over 150 vehicles) 6 Rising Star 2018 7 Best Use of Technology (up to 150 vehicles) 8 Best use of Technology ( over 150 vehicles) 9 Environment Award 10 Excellence in Minibus Operation 11 Small Coach Operator of the year (1 to 15 vehicles) 12 Medium coach Operator of the Year (16-50 vehicles) 13 Small/Medium Bus Operator of the year ( 1 to 150 vehicles) 14 Large Coach Operator of the Year ( Over 150 vehicles) 16 Special Award (selected by the judges).

So, as you can tell there is a lot to play for, the Route One Awards are right up there with the other prestigious awards ceremonies that the Industry is fortunate to enjoy. It is imperative that the best of the best are rewarded by their peers and this is an excellent event and environment to do just that. For myself having been a judge for some years now at different events I can tell you that a great deal of effort, thought, and sometimes lively debate  goes in around the final selections. However I believe that this right and proper and that excellence should be hard won, the other really good thing about this event is also the fact that there is always a good and entertaining comedian on hand post the awards to encourage a good old laugh.

Indeed we ourselves at uTrack are sponsoring the entertainment for the second year running, so it is always nice to dust off the dickie bow and make an effort and come along enjoy a nice three course meal and then see who the victors will be in the 2018 awards. But remember unless you enter, then you cannot obviously win, so have a good hard look and get those entries flowing after all what have you got to lose.? Nothing, but everything to win.

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