Well I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would ever happen but I have finally bitten the bullet and gone all out to turn an idea into a reality. When I first started writing blogs back in 2012 little did I ever think that I would be churning them out 8 years on. But, such is life that is exactly how things have panned out. Taking the decision to pay the money and get the book professsionally published and formatted was not a decision taken lightly, I did it after some reflection that it might be of interest to some people who worked in the same industry as me at the same time.

And ironically this decision was taken at the same time that some of those that I started my career with are actually retiring. One man is particular comes to mind, this chap is one of those people who has been the backbone of the bus and Coach Industry. He has given a life of committment and loyalty to one Company and one industry. A good man who was always loyal, hard working, and honest, he was a man who I regarded as a friend as well as a professional colleague. Sean Simpson is one of those people who you could depend upon. When I first met him he was the very competent Marketing Manager at Midland Red West Bus Company when I first joined the Company back in November 1986.

A proud Yorkshireman who never lost his rich accent, he was a man who was not only a great marketeer but he was a loyal Company man. He also had a very good sense of humour and we always did a lot of laughing, like me had enjoyed the frantic energy and raw excitement of the punk rock era and we shared a fair few stories about our gig experiences. He was also a man who would stand his ground when called upon to do so, keeping true to his beliefs on quality and brand identification. Year on year without fail he would win awards for the excellent timetables that Sean and his dedicated team would produce.

I would always pop in to the marketing office back in the old days when we resided at the stately home that was Heron Lodge. There I could enjoy a chat and a cuppa before heading back to my depot. Sean for me typifies the sort of steadfast, decent, and hard working person that the bus industry always needed. He would come in at weekends, stay late at night and do whatever it took to meet deadlines, and along with Dave and Johnnie and a few others who came and went they all gave a lifetime of service to the Company in all its guises. From the good old cavalier days of privatisation where we did what we thought was right, all the way through to Fist Bus and then FIrst Group, Sean was always there in the thick of the action, whatever role he was tasked with doing, he just quietly delivered on it.

The Bus industry owes people like Sean a huge amount in many ways he is the backbone, always there, always busy, always delivering, in many ways people like him are sometimes taken for granted, and that is a shame, however you truly realise the contribution that they made after they have gone, when you realise that this guy actually did the work of several people. So, a lifetime of service that kept the wheels turning and what I say is fair play and well done Sean you made a great contribution to the Company, the Industry, and more importantly the passengers. Enjoy a long and glorious retirement my friend.



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