Amidst the classic pomp and circumstance that only the Brits can pull off, the Queens speech brought some surprises and indeed some noticable gaps from the original safe and stable manifesto that Mrs May conjured up only a few short weeks ago. Long gone were the mentions of the Dementia tax, possibly one of the most divisive of plans that really hit the hard core Tory as well as the taking food away from young people at school. Another safe and stable own goal of the highest magnitude.

Putting all of the noise and nonsense to one side just how did the new legislation look for the transport sector and the bus industry un particular. Well it is clear that the money tree will not be shaking anywhere the UK Bus industry any time soon. Indeed I read one comment about her recent deal with the DUP that summed things up quite nicely. Mrs May was quoted as follows. ” The PM is using money of people who disagree with her to pay people she disagrees with to support her in doing something she opposes.”

I could not have put it better myself, but as ever dear reader I digress, going back to the original purpose of the blog and to review what her Majesty had to say about transport and what the Government wanted to do with it. Well no surprise HS1 and HS2 were still very much on the agenda with even an extension being chucked into the Northern powerhouse mix, for good measure .The clean air issue is crucial if we are to stop poisoning ourselves on a national scale, and while public transport as a solution is commented about there is little substance around what it can do to cut the real killers of congestions and pollution.

The introduction of the Automated and Electric vehicles Bill must surely help the cause for cleaner air  and reducing carbon footprint in line with previous commitments made in Paris which can again only be positive.This Queens speech has been described as the Brexit bill, and it is noticeble that there is actually less than expected about the UK and for obvious reasons a lot more about what the real implications are of doing a deal with the Democratic Ulster Party.

And the fact that according to recent news speculation, Mrs May is about to buy every single person who lives in Northern Ireland a pony in appreciation of the support she is now receiving at a cost of 1 billion pounds to buy 10 votes. You cannot make it up dear chums.