I remember when I was a student going to a student union organised pub quiz, the idea was that each team had to dress up in fancy dress. We decided that for a laugh we would create ourselves Thunderbirds suits (hats, sash utility belts etc) We then organised that just as the pub quiz was about to start we would play the Thunderbirds theme tune and march in and take our place at the table that was located directly in front of where the DJ was asking the questions for the quiz.

So the music started, we marched in and took our seats, then the quiz master started asking the questions, which were as you would expect were challenging and covering multiple subjects. However, what we noticed very quickly was that whenever he asked a question after he had asked it he would turn the card over, and unwittingly reveal the answer if you happened to be sat on a table close enough to read the answer, which of course we were.

Suffice to say that not surprisingly we won the cash prize which paid for both costumes and beer for the evening. I can safely say that was the only time that I have ever been on a winning team and more than likely will be the only time mostly because I do not tend to do pub quiz’s. Interestingly if it helps dear reader I was once told that one of the most asked sporting questions in pub quiz’s was this which team is the only non English team to ever win the FA cup? And the answer is Cardiff City 1957, not even I was around then although I do remember the 1966 World cup when we last won it 51 years of hurt to qoute the classic New Order footie single.

So, back to the origin al plot, the big question that I really wanted to answer is this just how many buses and coaches are there in operation in the United Kingdom. I have consulted a fair few people and organisations to try and get a definitive answer and it has been frankly variable.  So if you happen to know the answer do please let me know for many good reasons it would be very helpful. And you never just know do you if it might just allow you to clinch victory in the local pub quiz team, although I doubt you will ever get asked. Or you could just sit very close to the person asking the questions and take it from there but do remember to bring your strongest glasses with you.