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What is Passengers?

The new age of data has changed the way that our entire society works. People now want real-time and predictive information right at their fingertips. Passengers is the revolutionary technology that allows authorities and operators alike to be able to share this data with their customers in the most effective and user-friendly way possible.

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How does it help?

Passengers can help your business in different scenarios


Real-time vehicle tracking

The ability to track the location of a vehicle is a useful tool but more importantly being able to predict ETA’s and display delays or diversions is invaluable to customers. Our systems allow all of this and more.

Plan your journey

Put a start and end point in and find out all the possible routes that can be take using the vast network available. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want the quickest route or the route with the least amount of changes.

Live timetable information

Check the service that best suits you from anywhere at any time. Any updates and potential diversions can be changed live, offering the latest information to customers that need it.

Core Features for Passengers

Vehicle tracking on all services

Location based journey planning

Important information relayed in real-time

Cross fleet route mapping

Dynamically updated timetables

Live ETA data


Give customers the best experience

Providing customers with the tools they need to plan their journeys using your routes and receive real-time details about their desired plans so that they will want to travel with you again.

Send alerts and updates fast

Whether you are sending updates to customers on an individual service or fleet-wide either are possible and are fast and easy with a click of a button.

Proactive customer support

Use our systems data analytics to notify customers of delays and reschedule any connecting journeys so you can solve the issue before a complaint comes in.

Core Features for Operators

Full view of all systems

Improve services using data analytics

Deliver alerts live

Proactively support customers

Update services in real-time

Respond to customer diversions

Key Benefits

Stay one step head of your buses

Give customers the tools

Software that helps users feel confident in you.

A customer wants to know what route is best to take, when it will arrive and how long it will take. They can do all this from their own personal device. Passengers allows users to plan their journeys easily using your fleet.

Your service. Your gain.

Creatable journey’s using your routes.

Keep your customers using your service by offering them all the options they need to get from where they are to where they want to go without needing to take their custom to your competitors.

Knowing and caring

Spot updates, delays and improvements fast.

Passengers gives you all the knowledge you need. From knowing which services need more of your immediate attention to letting a customer know that you’re rerouting their delayed change to save them time, knowing helps you care more about what really matters.

Central Control

Analyse and Optimise.

Combining the data from all the different tools that your customers use into one platform gives you a single source of truth. With this knowledge you can optimise your services to constantly improve the customer experience.

Scaled to you

Big or small. One size fits all.

The Passengers system is designed to be versatile so that it can cater to the size of your fleet. It is also designed to help you streamline your process so that you can focus your efforts on expansion where it counts.

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