As I become an increasingly old middle aged English gentleman I suppose that I begin to question just where this fast moving technological whirlwind is actually taking us as a nation, or indeed as a planet. I read today that uber are planning to partner NASA the world space organisation to seriously explore the potential for building flying taxi’s. The truth is that in  my child like years this was nothing more or less than fantasy.

But, not anymore, in a modern world where people can be killed by means of a remotely flown drone, that can silently fly about unknown and undetected and then be detonated next to said victim. And indeed their hapless associates if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, sending them all to where ever people go after they have left this mortal coil.

No, the stuff of science fiction is now fast becoming a reality. So why not have flying taxi’s, indeed some Cities like San Francisco are now designing landing pads onto high rise flats to service such vehicles. Indeed it is suggested that trials could be up and running in Los Angeles and Dubai as soon as 2020. It does seem as if the lines between what is possible and what is impossible are becoming increasingly blurred.

I recall a very famous ditty made famous by Old Blue eyes himself, the legend that was Frank Sinatra, i suspect that in todays modern world only a few people of a certain age would remember who he was. But back in the day he was the Justin Beiber of his day, whoever he is. Anyway the song was all about space travel and the ability to visit other planets. Not unlike Tesla’s Mr Musk wanting to visit Mars.

In many ways such brilliant technological innovation has the potential to transform the world and make a better, safer and more inclusive world. Sadly however I fear that it may not. But, it would be nice to think that people would be able to use such miracles for positive outcomes rather than more and more clever ways of killing each other.

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