I used to use Uber quite a lot back in the day, you know when it was easy and uncomplicated, you would tap the app and low and behold the Datsun Cherry driver by Mo would turn up exactly when you wanted it. In addition you knew how much it was going to cost you and that was it. This was before you could rate the driver, and even more strange the driver could rate you. The beauty of Uber especially if you are in London is that you knew what the cost was, compared with the adorable black cab geezers who charged you what the journey duration was warts and all.

I recently got a cab in London on the hottest day temperatures for July were recorded it was 39 degrees, and the heat was most uncomfortable. The cabbie was a classic London chap who now worked 4 days a week, had no mortgage and a holiday villa in Spain. I know surgeons who cant afford to live like that, but there you go, as we travelled on this journey he advised me that he would have to take a detour due to Brexit protests around the House of Commons. The journey which was approximately 5 miles cost me 50 of her majestic pounds, and took about 40 minutes, I kept watching the meter, a bit like those Tom Cruise in those Mission Impossible films where the seconds are ticking on an explosive device. You cant take your eyes off them, and so it is the same with the meters of cabs. Mind you that does not happen with Uber, the price is the price regardless of time and distance.

This probably explains why they keep posting huge losses, today they announced that yet again they had lost millions but they were starting to turn the corner. Introducing new services like Uber Eats were suggesting that profit was only two short years away. Well, we will have to see what happens but I will reserve judgement on their speculation and we will see if the expectations of the CEO can become a reality. Personally my own experiences of Uber have not been brilliant on two occasions they declined my request for no apparent reason. And I was also especially concerned when I spoke to an Uber driver who was a professional driver for National Express by day, and Uber by night. When I asked him how much sleep he got he said that some days he did not get any then went off and drove his coach. Highly dangerous and putting everyone at risk especially himself, and hardly invoking confidence in the Uber product. However, let us work on the assumption that more checks and procedures are in place and all is better than it was. Let’s hope so anyway.

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