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Go-Ahead Ireland creates Late Running Requests with uTrack

We are very excited to announce that we have been working hard with our colleagues at Go-Ahead Ireland to produce a brand-new feature for their...

What the future of Public Transport innovation looks like

Environmentally friendly vehicles With the threat of climate change and dwindling resource of fossil fuels, the bus & coach sectors are...

Will COVID 19 force a UK school bus revolution?

With the threat of COVID still ever-present, it has brought up an important question regarding student safety as they make their way back to school...

uTrack Facemasks

In this time of heightened uncertainty, we at uTrack are striving to as best we can to help keep our clients safe but also our own employees safe....

1 Year in the UK Office

They say that time flies when you’re in lockdown... So much so that it has been an entire year since the UK team moved into its permanent residence...

Open for business again

2020 has been a very strange year, however with new measures in place things are slowly but surely returning to normal. Our company has not stopped...

Route Map Version 2.0

After months of hard work with our colleagues at National Express, we are proud to present Route Map Version 2.0. Here are some of the great new...

Employee Apps: a necessity in the “new normal”?

Employee engagement should be a key goal for any business. Not because it is a buzz word, but because research shows us that the best way to gain...

NX & uTrack: Celebrating 10 Years

2010 – uTrack create a technology vision for National Express  uTrack signed our first commercial contract with National...

Avanti Connect Press Release

Introducing... The NEW uTrack Avanti Connect App This month sees the launch of uTrack’s new employee app, with its deployment to all employees at...


The rise of the face covering in all of its guises

The rise of the face covering in all of its guises

Face Coverings the New Fashion Must Are face coverings the new way to express your personality? With the compulsory use of a face coverings being the “new norm” on public transport in the UK, it got me thinking… Are they going to be the new must have fashion...

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple

Today Sign in with Apple is available on our Employee App. Apple Sign in joins Google and Facebook as an option for registering. With the introduction of Apple Sign in, we further enhance the onboarding experience for users. The Employee App becomes accessible to...

Mental Health at uTrack

Mental Health at uTrack

At uTrack, we pride ourselves on our core values. We asked ourselves which ones could we focus on to help us get through the past few months. Two of them stood out, and we will explain why. Adapt to Grow – Yes, face to face always feels better. Still, when all...

What facemasks works best?

What facemasks works best?

With facemasks now being compulsory on public transport in the UK the question you may find asking yourself is what facemask I should buy. That is a very good questions especially if you are like me and many people who have do not really know anything about the...

Remote Working Life at uTrack

Remote Working Life at uTrack

Since March of this year, our colleagues have been adjusting to life working from home.  With the Covid-19 pandemic, we closed our office and moved all our operations to home working. uTrack has always operated a flexible working environment. We offer our...

UK Office Social – Flight Club

UK Office Social – Flight Club

On Friday 28th February, the UK Office had its monthly team outing. This time it was to the darts inspired sports bar ‘Flight Club’. The concept of the bar originated in Shoreditch and has expanded to multiple locations including a newly opened Birmingham location. It...

Bus Usage in Decline?

Bus Usage in Decline?

In the following article in the Birmingham Mail, it has been interesting to read about the decline in bus usage in the West Midlands. The bus is probably the easiest form of public transport that people can get. To me, it is the least entry to barrier form of public...

Same service, different look – Rebranding

Same service, different look – Rebranding

With the growth of our company and the continued rapid expansion, we are moving into a new era at uTrack. In order to mark this shift and establish ourselves and our products more, we have undergone a rebranding of our design and cementing of our core values as a...

Training Mental Health First Aiders

Training Mental Health First Aiders

On the 11th-12th February, we sent 3 members of our team to training with St Johns Ambulance in order to become Mental Health First Aiders. The course is an internationally recognised program set up in 2000 by Australian founder Betty Kitchner. It was carried out by...

The UK Bus Industry Finally Comes Of Age

The UK Bus Industry Finally Comes Of Age

Today the Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed to a Major transport overhaul, with an investment of £5 million over 5 years, the money will be pumped into the UK Bus industry , as well as a super cycle highway, similar to the Dutch model. The range of measures...

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