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Liverpool European Champions; Get The Bus Out

So, after all these years the mighty Reds have become the champions of Europe, victory number 6 in Europe, all in all a remarkable story and in my opinion a victory that was designed and instigated by the charismatic talisman that is Jurgen Clopp, a man who had...

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Technology In The Bus Industry

I am indebted to the man that is the one and only Phil Tonks, stalwart of the Bus Industry who has written what I thought was an excellent blog about the perceived lack of technology in the UK Bus industry. As ever it is a measured intelligent collection of...

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The Demise Of First Group

All good things come to an end or so they say, and in truth I suppose that major transport groups like everything in life will come and they will go. One only has to look back at the grand names of the past, to realise that everything has its time. British Rail, the...

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The Delicate Art Of Comedy

Week three in the Big Brother house of comedy, see what I did there, a bit of a twist on the introduction of the Big Brother introduction from channel four. From the good old days when reality TV shows were actually about entertainment and not about the glorification...

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Pass The Duchy To The Left Hand Side….

You really need to be a certain age to recall a particularly catchy ditty from the brilliant but brief Musical Youth, a young Rasta band made up of mostly schoolboys from Brum. They released their iconic single in 1982 when I was a young man of 22 years of age. The...

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The EU Elections, What A Palaver

It is sometimes a good idea to take a little step back and just ask yourself, just what on earth is going on with the modern world order. One of the curses of having cancer is that the life saving chemotherapy that you get free of charge care of the wonderful NHS....

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Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, Big Bus Plan….

The Labour Party have recently launched their big plans for energising the UK Bus industry. For someone like me it is both refreshing and troubling at the same time. On the positive side at a recent Prime Ministers question time at the house of commons he promised to...

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And The Winner Is….

Picture the scene if you will, there I am standing in the wings about to enter the stage to announce the winner of the 2019 Young Coach Industry Professional. The tension is mounting, and Carol Kirkwood, the BBC weather girl is introducing me, and bang, On I stroll...

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UK Coach Awards; Let Battle Comence….

As the old song says ‘I’m putting on my black shoes, and putting on my tails”. Well actually I am not, the good old days of dressing to impress a la Fred Astaire died with a different generation. Although part of me looks back with nostalgia at the good old days of...

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