Well here I am sat in Clent Towers and maybe it is important that at this point my dear reader friend that I must declare my hand, these views are mine and mine alone, not necessarily does this blog reflect the view of uTrack. But having just watched a sad history occur in the House of Commons, where the house voted against Mrs Mays Brexit deal by 432 votes against 202, a majority of 230 votes to reject the deal. Not since Ramsey McDonald in the nineteen twenties has a Prime Minister beeen so heavily defeated. As a result Jeremy Corbin has tabled a motion of no confidence in the Government and the PM, if the house decide it then the PM may have to resign and potentially open the door to a general election.

To be honest I am embarrassed as a once proud Brit, to watch the disintegration of a once great nation. Within 7 days of finding out that Jaguar Landrover, one of the biggest and most respected Companies in the West Midlands, where I live, will be losing over 4,000 jobs, and that the Ford motor Company are doing the same across other areas of the UK. I find it a tragic shame that since the referendum I have witnessed nothing but uncertainty and fear creep across the UK landscape not just within the world of business but across many other elements of daily life.

The fabric of exaggeration and downright lies that shaped a lot of opinions across the UK in the run up to the vote have been proven to be true, there never was a weekly £350 million saving to be given to the NHS, amongst other lies. Interestingly, the large scale exodus of those who advocated the public deceit have long since legged it into the shadows with only Michael Gove prominent across the present government. Boris Johnson amongst many others has slunk into the shadows primed and ready to emerge once Mrs May has finally decided that it is time to exit the stage. Cowardly and unethical.

In the meantime the clock ticks towards the 29th March when the UK is due to leave the EU, with, as it stands no potential deal looking likely. This is without doubt the worst case scenario, no one really knows what all that means in terms of border control, and freedom of movement of those living in the UK, and the fate of Brits living and working in the Eu, also what does it mean to UK Companies uncertain as to invest or not, due to uncertainty with trading conditions within the EU.

In addition the hard border issue in Ireland is still an issue of not only uncertainty but also potentially political instability that some fear could impact on the peace treaty that has overall prevailed for over twenty five years. A possible calamity of our very own making, along with backstop and the whole future of the customs union, and the stockpiling of medicines and God knows what else that will also possibly require mobilising the army. Where the Dickins has all this come from? How on earth have we got to this sad state of affairs? What must the world be thinking about what we ourselves have done to this once great nation, we have made ourself a laughing stock, and it would be very easy to blame Mrs May for this failure, but, that would be wrong. She has deservedly earned a begrudging respect amongst many for the strength of character that she showed when derided by everyone. With the greatest vitriol, anger, and hatred shown by members of her own Tory party. That just about sums up what division the process of David Cameron’s government and democracy have bestowed upon us.

My overwhelming feeling is one of great sadness at the self inflicted demise of the UK, hard to believe that after everything we find ourselves in this shambles. For reasons that I fail to understand all parties cling on, limpet style to the mantra of “we will uphold the will of the people” even though in reality, the public voted on a vision that was simply a tale of a slightly bigger majority who decided to leave against those who wanted to remain. However the implications on everyone I do not really believe were fully understood, neither here nor in the EU, and indeed the rest of the world.

So, there we have it, a huge defeat for the Government and the poor old Prime Minister, I do not have a crystal ball and like everyone else can only speculate. But, if I was asked the question what can possibly salvage this mess. I would have to say a second referendum, or a People’s vote that would allow the public the chance to make a balanced decision knowing now what they know two years on. My only hope is that common sense can prevail and that the majority will be given the chance to reverse the decision and remain in the European Union. Time will tell!


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