I was moderately surprised this morning as I nibbled my morning bowl of cereal goodness to listen to Mr Nigel Farage, the one time leader of UKIP. And now the grand master of the Brexit party accuse the Conservatives of behaving like good little school boys and endorsing the Prime Ministers leave deal, and by so doing sell the Brexit deal down the river. To be quite honest I cannot remember at the original referendum vote that there was any clarity about what the actual leaving deal actually looked like. Mainly because there was not one, all we had was a vote leave or stay vote, unless I have missed something.

So, irony of ironies the nation now faces the very real possibility that the Tories may well find themselves going head to head with apparently some 600 Brexit candidates. This of course is bizarre because if this happens, and one thing that we have learned about good old Boris, is that you can never predict just what he will do. Then there is a high chance that it will split the leave vote wide open so leaving the door open for either red Jezer, or orange Joe Swinson from the Liberal Democrat’s. And that of course would either lead to the complete scrapping of Brexit altogether if the Lib dems get in, or a peoples vote at the very least if Labour get a majority. So the battle lines are drawn up, and the political buses are painted and suitably decorated with slogans dependant on the cause. I always thought that it old a good bit of sport to mix up the battle buses and the candidates, and let them wiggle themselves out of that one. So, lets pretend Boris had the Lib Dem’s bus advocating a remain now policy (Come to think of it he previously did).

Interestingly I have always hoped that one day I would bump into one of these battle buses and be asked for my opinion. Although maybe thinking about it, that may not be such a good idea. I have made reference in previous blogs to me election experience in 1997, when I was the District Manager for Kidderminster and the Wyre Forest for Midland Red West Bus Company. Back in the day Kiddie was a huge labour stronghold and the local MP, David Locke enjoyed a massive 19,000 majority. All was good until the decision was taken to close down the Accident and Emergency department at the local hospital, this went down extremely badly. Indeed a local doctor started a campaign to keep open the A and E department. His name was Dr Richard Taylor, and to cut a long story short, he ran as an independent candidate, and overturned a 19,000 Labour majority, into a 17,000 majority. Truly this was one of the biggest turn around in many a year. As part of the Labour campaign one Saturday morning John Prescott, then the second in command of the Labour Party and Deputy Prime Minister arrived at my newly opened bus depot to support Mr Locke. His bus could be heard long before it came into sight, as the classic Blow Monkeys dittie, “Things Can Only Get Better”, this was the tune of choice at this time, and a fine, banging tune it still is to this day.

Mr Prescott arrived with Mr Locke, and the local press and a small number of Labour supporters, and a much bigger number of angry local residents who wanted to voice their opinion about closing down the A and E department. Suffice to say, Mr Prescott did not stay long, as the crowd got vocal and frankly rather abusive, the Police intervened and before you could say “overturn a massive majority” the battle bus was off with a rather fed up Deputy Prime Minister in the back of it. So, that was my dabble with fame and politics such as it was. No idea what battle tunes have been selected yet, if any, personally I am a big fan of galvanising music to stir the soul, and attract the interested and occasionally quite clearly the insane. Urge, the recent craze of throwing milkshakes over politicians, which I do not understand at all quite frankly. After all this is in all honesty a disgraceful thing to do, you can of course disagree utterly with a politician, but abusing them like that is simply disgraceful. Although, very sadly it is indicative of how our nation has changed, respect has ceased at many levels and irrespective of politics common decency has too hold fast. However, we will remain to see what happens and just who will take control after the General election, either way i wish them all the very best, at least they are having a go.

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