Now to be fair, it might just be me, but at people actually getting a tad fed up with this general election. I mean it might just be my own jaded perspective but as the campaign seems to go on indeterminably, there appears to be that unique and sumptuously British sense of sarcasm and irony, leaking into the serious business of electing a party to lead this nation. I have to say that from a promising start on social media, where there seemed to be a genuine interest and degree of engagement , it has now slipped to a point where virtually nothing sensible is being said and the good old plan of taking the proverbial Mickey is yet again king of the castle.

In all honesty, having watched several of the leaders debates I simply find it frustrating at the lack of any unity on what are massive and serious issues of not only national but global importance. A good example of this is the national obsession with giving things ridiculous names, possibly the best is the naming of a ship Boatey Mc Boat face. It was intended to be a proper national competition, but the absurd British humour soon moved in and the new ship was almost named Boaty, indeed it took some serious intervention for the ship to be rightly named the Sir David Attenborough. And so it seems that somehow the more important things are, the less respect is displayed. Begs the question, just how bad do things have to get before we as a nation will take anything really seriously, which in itself is also an irony. Because as history has shown repeatedly when the Brits are up against it they just dig in and carry on. Stiff up lip, and off we jolly well go, pip pip. Example from last week, the amazing public reaction of those brave souls who took on the terrorist at London Bridge, who had murdered two bright young lives, for other reason that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Armed with a relic of an old whale bone, picked off a wall by a Polish lad who was working at the event where the atrocity took place, plus two other lads who picked up a couple of fire extinguishers they took him on, unarmed even though he had just killed two people with knives. I read a quote about people in America who bear the right to carry arms under the democratic laws of the land, and as a result have one of the highest mortality rates for gun crime in the world. And so when the act of horror took place, no one round here except the Police walks around with a gun, the brave souls who were momentarily caught up in that world, did the natural opposite of any human reaction, and leg it in the opposite direction. No, a united and determined outrage took over and they went for it, not even bothering that the suicidal nut job was wearing a fake suicide vest. Obviously, all they needed was an antique and some health and safety apparatus.

I suppose that amidst such appalling tragedy and mindless loss of life, maybe the nonsense of the election is some how put back in perspective. Where suddenly the goodness and care of people emerges from whatever adversity has challenged them, and there have been decent and honourable, qualities that I genuinely hope that will emerge once we know what direction we will finally embark upon, once the dust has settled, and that is why I will always have faith in this great nation. Yes, we have our weaknesses, but don’t all nations, but, as a person who has been kept alive by the wonderful NHS, and a welfare state and nation that still seeks to look after the weak and vulnerable, be they from this nation or from outside of it, I will always be proud of these principles of democracy and decency, even though it might be on occasions seen as a nation of shopkeepers ( as described by Napoleon Bonaparte himself) and Mickey takers, which we clearly are but we are still fundamentally I hope a nation that celebrates a strong compassion for humanity and the ethos of doing the right thing.

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