Well, after all the hype and the white noise, and threats of preferring being dead in a ditch, it seems that as the midnight hour on the night of Halloween beckons that no one called Bojo has someone been found dead in a ditch, and unless I have missed something we have not left the EU as far as I know. Indeed, in contrast the battle drums have been struck and the reality of a General Election looks like it will now happen on December 9th, or was that the 12th, well never mind either way it will happen one way or another. And what a scrap it looks like being to be fair, Boris is banging on about Brexit and a new dawn for British politics after what seems like a century of frankly Tory governance. Jezer has finally come off the fence and decided that a second vote would be part of their manifesto. Jo Swinson from the Liberal Democrat’s, having been savaged by Andrew Neil has promised to remain in the EU, no matter what. And of course Mr Farage will be banging his drum and by so doing probably diluting the Conservative vote, resulting in God knows what.

And so we are stuck in the land of limbo yet again, and how fitting and tragic that it all conspires to occur on Halloween, the very night that has been heralded as the departure from the EU, come hell or high water, as the famous expression said. However, it did not happen and the Prime Minister was remarkably comfortable to blame the failure on the failing of parliament, which is ironic as technically as the Prime Minister, you would expect that it was his parliament that was unable to agree a compromise. Although of course due to depression and no doubt some fatigue, the House of Commons did eventually a gree a deal, but not the timeframes to make it workable. Although irony of ironies it was by far actually a worse deal than those promoted by Mrs May (remember her).

So, the witching hour has come and gone, to my knowledge no supernatural political decisions were taken except that it now looks like we will all be going to the polls on December 12th, 9not the 9th) to vote in a new political party to lead the nation. Will it be Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, or Jo Swanson’s Liberal Democrat’s, or will it be Boris Johnson, who somehow will conjure up a Brexit departure, with a commons majority. Depending of course on how Mr Nigel Farage’s Brexit party might decide to stand in all 600 constituencies , and of course by so doing so destroy the Conservative vote and allowing the opposition parties back into power and possibly by default reverse Brexit, or offer a People’s vote that may well decide to stay in the EU anyway. And just what just would that have achieved over the last three years of national near civil war, a complete inertia on driving forward positive policies due to the complete focus on Brexit, at the expense of everything else. Quite honestly you really cannot make up just what has happened to this once great proud nations. Now, sadly reduced at best to an embarrassment and at worst a joke by the rest of the world. One thing is for sure, it certainly was a trick but it most certainly has not been a treat. Let’s hope that by next year a conclusion has at last been reached.

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