Well it is that time of year again, as the colours of nature start their dramatic turn around, reflecting the end of one year and the start of a new dawn as 2020 emerges only a short couple of months away. It has been a busy but successful year so far at uTrack, we have expanded the Company dramatically in 2019. Not only have we employed a lot more members of staff, but we have also opened a superb new office located in the very heart of Birmingham City centre itself at Bennett’s Hill, just 3 minutes walk away from New Street Station.

It is always a good time at this time of year to stop and reflect on just what an interesting and turbulent year it has been. We have seen the whole Brexit debacle go from farce to calamity and back again, and even as I type this it looks likely that the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not be lying dead in a ditch, but he will be accepting a delay to Brexit as offered by the EU, up till the end of January 2020, or sooner if a deal can be done. We also will quite probably be looking forward to a December General Election, and who knows who will end up winning that particular bun fight. It is frankly hard to believe that this nonsense has now been going on for well over three years, and quite honestly I am still not sure if it will ever happen, and if truth be told I am as committed to remain in the EU, as I ever was before.

It will be interesting to see just what will happen if we do leave the EU, as uTrack is a Company located in Dublin but with offices in Birmingham and the UK. No one quite knows just what the implications of leaving will be, but, from a uTrack perspective I truly don’t see a single business advantage to a Company like ours that has customers in the UK, Ireland, and especially the USA. Frankly, I do not think that anyone has a clue, let alone the Government or indeed the EU. All that I have observed to date are signs on the nations motorways declaring that if you are travelling to the EU, you will need new documents, apparently. The tragic irony of this is that for all Mr Johnsons bluster and billow it looks like nothing will change by 31st of October, or Halloween. On the subject of which I read with interest today that parents and children who entered a competition in the kids iconic Beano comic, to decide who the ghastliest person in the world to dress up as. Voted in none other than the Prime Minister himself, forget your ghosts, witches, and wizards, todays youngsters want to sport a blond wig, and baggy suit to scare the living daylights out of todays population. Truly a sign of the times. Honestly, you just could not make it up, could you.

So, as the seasons change and we enter a new decade in the new millennium, it is time to reflect on just what a weird and wonderful world it is that we live in. On the positive I never cease to be amazed at the pervading goodness of people, a pleasing contrast to the madness of the world that faces climate change of epic and devastating proportions, continued poverty, war, and injustice. And when I hear people complain about living life in the UK. I simply reflect on the wonderful care and treatment that I have received from the amazing NHS. It is too easy in my view to select the negatives in life, a pointless and negative attitude in my opinion, as there are actually just great things and people out there, and when you adopt the right mindset, they are easy to find. So, as the temperature drops, and days light gets shorter, it is time to reflect on the past and embrace the future. And as the Pythons famously sang, ‘Always look on the Bright side of life”.

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