Well I am certainly looking forward to attending the centenary awards event at the rather swanky Lancaster Gate in central London. I have been to this event several times, indeed the last time that I attended uTrack won the technology award. We beat the likes of TFL, Abellio etc. In fact so confident were we that we would not win that only myself attended, so it was an amazing feeling when the golden envelope was opened and yours truly stepped up to get the gong, and a rather nice bottle of champagne.

Fast forward several years and I receive an invitation from the excellent Kevin Richardson, the CEO who has done a super job since he replaced Steve Agg some 5 years ago. The Institute is emerging as a very topical and highly respected Institute, Kevin has been pivotal in engaging with Mrs May when she was the PM, and ensured that the views of the transport and logistics Industries had both an input and a voice at the highest level . Of course with the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the helm I fervently hope that CILT are still very much at the races. However, if anyone can ensure our voice is heard it will be Kevin.

So, the shortlist of potential winners has been announced and I was delighted to see that my friend Anna Devalchio has been selected as a finalist. Anna is quite remarkable, she is a dynamo, she gets things done and does not worry about breaking a few eggs to make the omelette as it were. An excellent example was her input into the superb Diversity Challenge event that I attended recently in Nottingham. She managed to get 350 people to take part in what was a great day of fun and challenge in equal measure. The feedback from those who took part was really positive. People had a great time and the spirit of collusion and belonging was tangible.

Before Anna got involved numbers were low, so she grabbed the event by the scruff of the neck and barnstormed her way in front of CEO’s and persuaded Companies to get engaged, and she did. A real Tour De Force, and a kind and positive person to boot. She invited me and I was so glad that I went as it was an uplifting experience. Indeed I am hoping to take part myself, after all when do you get the chance to learn a real Maori Hakka, or indeed take part in a dance off. So, I will be dusting down my DJ and look forward to an excellent night and enjoy what is a great occasion, might even get Kevin that pint we have talked about having when I am better from the cancer. Hurrah, I will drink to that!

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