What an amazing week for the Uk Bus industry, first we had the CPT national bus strategy a long overdue positive piece of work that gives A national bus policy for the nation. Second we had the Scottish government committing over 500 million pounds into a pro bus package of measures that puts the bus right in the heart of the future economic prosperity of the nation. And now finally we have the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself. My very own constituency MP Mr. Sajid Javid, himself the son of an immigrant who arrived in the UK with nothing but a few quid in his pocket, who went on to become a London bus driver, with his son rising through the ranks of the banking Industry until he went into politics.

The money is earmarked to transform bus services and comes as part of the spending review. The initiative is part of a bigger 490 million pound cash increase promised for the UK’s transport network. He said that it will and I quote ‘ Put the wheels back on the Great British bus”. While the detail remains slight at the moment, Mr Javid said that ‘We’re funding ultra-low emissions buses and will trial new, on demand services to respond to passenger needs in real time. The Government website states that the 490 million pounds, include extra funding to make buses more environmentally friendly, extra rail track maintenance to ensure more reliable journeys, and continued support to ensure more reliable journeys. And to ensure that continued support for the development of major projects.

They do say don’t they is this country, ‘Typical, no bus for ages then 3 come at once’. Well, I can safely say that I have waited patiently for ten years to get one of the three above initiatives actually alive and kicking. Let along 3 in one week. When I think back on all the negative press that the bus has had over the decades, from Thatcher to Clarkson and Wogan, this massive change in both political and public opinion is fantastic. It seemed at times as though the Industry was dying as a victim of a thousand cuts, but no suddenly it seems that there is a united front, to invest in the bus and utilise it as means of economic growth and local development playing a crucial part in social mobility, and increasing congestion and air pollution to achieve its noble target of generating an additional one billion bus passengers a year.

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