Well I suppose that it all depends on what the context is. If you find yourself waking up every morning in life worrying about stuff I can only assume that is not a healthy state of affairs or indeed a good place to be. I ask the question purely because I have found myself waking up very early over the last few days as I prepare to give a major presentation at the Future Fleet Forum event taking place on Wednesday and Thursday this week at the incredible Guildhall in central London.

The audience is both large and impressive with key people from The City of London and the City of New York, not to mention key people from some of the world’s biggest fleets who are all congregating to meet and share best practise, as well  as attend a glitzy awards night to celebrate the best of the best from around the world.. To be honest I seldom get nervous at these kind of events mostly because I like to do a lot of preparation.

In addition to the research a lot of effort has gone into the presentation itself using clever tools to  make it punchy and hopefully, on occasions quite light and fun, but as always stimulating thought and interactivity. The purpose of myself is to try and steer the conversation towards getting audience participation so that there is enough input to ensure that a future workshop has some good material to work from.The way that I have always approached these events is by giving pushes to the audience to get them to engage.

Worst case scenario is that it becomes a one man show, it needs to be interactive identifying good practise and best of breed that can be shared internationally. It is always a bit daunting at such events and I have had my fair share of stress, including giving speeches at the EU headquarters in both Brussels and Strasbourg. What is really good about those gigs is that when you speak there are all these guys in little boxes who translate what you say as you say it. Indeed I was once famously introduced by mistake as the ambasordor for Scotland.

Much to the dismay of my Scottish friends who were appalled to find a very English man like me described as their national representative, personally I thought that it was great and a huge laugh. The reality was that I was an ambassador for an initiative called Fresh Talent, designed  back in the day to attract EU nationals to come and live and work in Scotland. It was indeed a great success and our project at First UK Bus were instrumental in leading the way and was praised in both the House of Commons and the Scottish parliament.

So, working on the basis of the more prepared the better the chance of a good result with the audience, either way time will tell as it always does. As for me i will be delighted to get it done and dusted and look forward to sleeping easier and longer.