We all love a bit of snow do we not? You know that nice tingly feeling that you get when you recall as a youngster the excitement of the first few drops, especially around the festive season at Christmas. Which is all fine and dandy until you get to the point where actually the roads are un-drivable and basically normal life as we know it comes to a grinding halt. I am not sure why we in the good old UK always seem to be surprised when we realise that we are trapped at home as we do not have snow tyres on our cars.

Ironic to contrast the same reaction to snowfall in countries like Germany, where snow tyres are a legal requirement and guess what everyone conforms and life carries on as normal. All the kids go to school, buses work and keep to timetables, and normal life resumes in spite of the inclement weather. I honestly can never quite understand why every year it is almost a surprise that everything grinds to a shuddering halt. Where I live all the schools in the entire county closed down on the grounds that the journey each way would be hazardous, which is utterly understandable. However, the old bloke inside me cant help remembering walking to and from school through ridiculously high snow drifts to get too and from school no matter how long it took.

Not attempting to make the effort was simply not an option, I am not in fairness suggesting that this was the right thing to do, however I just feel that it is a measure of how society and people have changed in recent years. So what is the answer to this yearly repeated problem? In truth I do not think there is one I think that we will revert back to Albert Einstein definition of stupidity and as usual wake up and say oh its been snowing that is it i am staying at home. However, some people who I know have made me proud of the human race. Two dear chums of mine twins, they both work at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, these two took it upon themselves to walk to work as the hospital was depleted of staff, and there efforts made a big difference to the sick and poorly who needed them the most. So, well done Melissa and Lyndsey two angels.

Public transport in the UK in my opinion offers one of the best transport networks anywhere in the world, you only have to look at the excellent and consistent high scores that the UK bus industry gets year on year with significantly greater levels of customer satisfaction scores than many other industries like retail etc. However like everything else it is sadly only negative headlines such as the wrong sort of leaves or indeed the wrong sort of snow, it is unjust in my opinion as the reality is that there are very real safety issues that underpin the reasons why tracks and services are cancelled. You do not hear many mentions of times when for example Network Rail managed against all the odds to repair the line that was destroyed when large parts of the track were washed into the sea during the infamous storm Doris back on 2015. So it seems that as the nation enjoys the winter wonderland that is paralysis by snow i like everyone else can only stand back and enjoy the spectacular views while trapped at home.