So, March the first is officially the first  day of Spring, and instead of the first appearance of daffodils a red weather warning was issued across parts of Wales and the South West of England that basically means that the weather is so bad that people may perish, And tragically too many did, although as ever there were tales of people as ever helping out complete strangers as the essential goodness of the human spirit rises to the top, and the natural urge for people to help each other  manifests itself.

The often quoted consequences of global warming have been repeatedly issued and over the last few days those warnings became real as truly arctic conditions descended across the UK. Interestingly I was in Poland last week where the weather was awful, it was minus 11 degrees centigrade but that was not the problem. The wind chill was like a sharp physical slap across the face and most people quite sensibly wore balaclavas to shield themselves. Clearly the good folk of Poland are well used to the extremities of the weather that mean that temperatures of minus 20 and on rare occasions minus 25 degrees in the winter are not uncommon.

It is always interesting to observe the traditional surprise that people have whenever the nations infrastructure strains under the creaks and groans of exceptional weather conditions. However, I take my hat off to those hardy souls who still manage to get themselves into work to ensure that the nation is still open for business. I often think that we just take it for granted that buses, trains and lorries just carry on regardless. However it takes dedication and professionalism to make that extra effort and get to work through the ice, snow and slush. This principle also applies to the emergency services and the utility companies.

So maybe this disruptive weather is set to become the new norm, and we will have to react accordingly. In Germany by law drivers have to fit snow tyres to their vehicles . It is safer as well as making good sense. Over here I do not think that I have ever seen any one actually do that, we are all too busy keeping a stiff upper lip. And in temperatures as low as minus 6 as it was where I live, clearly lips remaining stiff is hardly surprising. Therefore maybe it is time that we started to accept that the climate change that has long since been threatened is now here to stay and we need to think about how best we manage it. The world of logistics and transport as ever have a vital part to play in the day to day life of the nation and we need to start to think accordingly.

One thing is for sure, we cannot change nature but we can as ever adapt to whatever the elements choose to throw at us, and with all the amazing benefits of technology we are able to predict the weather accurately better than ever before. The met office yesterday predicted the arrival of storm Emma exactly to 1500, where it collided head on with the beast from the east, resulting in truly epic winter conditions. As ever it left me realising just how pitiful mankind is against the power of nature in all its forms.