I had cause recently to visit the City of Glasgow, I have been fortunate enough over the years to have cause to visit this great City, going back to 2003, when I was working with First UK Bus to deliver Polish bus drivers to the then five depots that First in Glasgow operated. It was intersting because although I was enjoying the benefits of the executive lifestyle so staying in nice hotels. I was also engaged with finding housing for the new drivers. This meant visiting council estates and the concrete high rise blocks of flats that were so popular in the sixties, when they took the place of the famous Glasgow tenements.

The tenements although by modern standards considered sub standard with the two up, two down house and outside carsey, also imbued community spirit, sadly discarded in the world of high rise and social isolation. So, I got to see up close and personnel both the best and indeed the worst of Glasgow, warts and all. The one thing that has occurred to me about Glasgow is the people, behind the gruff harsh accent of the Glaswegian lie people with good and kind hearts.

No, you most certainly do not want to upset them, as the idiot who tried to bomb Glasgow airport found out to his cost. And in fairness respect is always a good idea if you have an English accent, as history has proved. But overall great folk with a lively sense of fun. I arrived by plane from Birmingham where I caught the 500 bus service into Buchanan bus station where I used my Google App to walk the 10 minutes to the Easy Hotel. Well, this was an experiment that I thought could be interesting, and it was. It cost a basic price of £16.00 for a pod style room with no windows. You walk in there is a door with a loo and a shower, and then there is a bed and a TV, which if you want to watch you pay a tenner for access to the remote, as you do if you want the internet.

In fairness it seemed ok so I popped out for a bite to eat at a near by chip shop called Blue Lagoon which boasted a photo of Justin Beiber no less, who had scoffed a Glasgow Special apparently. As it happened the very same day Glasgow Rangers had played Celtic in the semi final of the Scottish FA cup, the old firm derby resulted in a 4 nil thrashing for Celtic, and the chipe was packed full of both sets of supporters. The rivalry is renowned as they basically hate each other on religious grounds. However, in fairness after a few bevies their dislike of the English is even greater partly as it was the English who caused the secratarian divide in the first place. I kept my head down and escaped with chips and chin intact.

So back to the pod I went, scoffed said culinary delight and watched the old firm match on the telly, then I tried to sleep, and this is where the problem started. The pod had no windows and I felt like a submariner, and while it was air conditioned I found it really difficult to sleep. Clearly I would clearly not do very well in solitary confinement which was how this felt, mind you pay £16.00 what do you expect. It was clean, functional, great if I was 21, but I am not, so my conclusion is never again, too old for all that none sense.

Next day gave me plenty of time before the conference to enjoy what is a really nice, smart, and very sophisticated City centre, this is with shopping malls that are hidden around the City. Truly world class and although it was a dull Monday morning the place had a great energy about it and I loved it. So, if you get the chance enjoy this historic and noble City it is well worth while, but make sure you spend  a bit more than £16.00 on your hotel.

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