I was having a conversation recently with an old friend who I have recently been in contact with after a thirty or so year gap. The funny thing is that you do not realize just how quickly time does quite literally fly by when you get to a certain age. And this is actually very odd because at different times of your life, you want very different things for different reasons.

For example when I was a teenager I desperately wanted to be older than I was and looking back now for all the wrong reasons, things like drinking alcohol underage were overnight an extremely noble and worthy aspiration that would get you serious brownie points with your peers. Of course it was not quite so endearing when you wake up the next day feeling awful, looking awful, and then slowly realizing just what you did and the awakening sense of shame and guilt that followed. Or was that just me… Ironic really, because I am at an age now where if anything the last thing that you want to do is go out at all. I just cannot be bothered if the truth be told i would prefer to just hang out at home chilling with the good lady of the house, watching telly and looking forward to a good  night’s kip.

So, yes life’s perspective changes depending upon what it is that you have done in the past and what your ambitions are for the future. I suppose that as you start to get older life perspective quite naturally alters as you see people change in life. I describe this as the escalator syndrome. By that what I mean is that there you are all young and ambitious and then god knows how you are forty. I mean what happened there ?

The truth is that I have to accept that I am getting to an age where people around me and of my generation are starting to leave the escalator feet first. Now it is hardly surprising that as the baby boomer generation are now starting to get close to drawing pensions that the grim reaper starts to make more of an appearance, sadly a friend of mine passed away recently after a long and drawn out illness, she was only a year older than me They played Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers at her funeral not a dry eye in the house and not surprisingly so.

Without being macabre about it music at funerals is a sensitive subject, when I was managing a lot of people attending funerals of former employees and sadly occasionally current employees was part of the job.  It was important for the families to feel that the Company that person gave their career too actually cared, so I always went when asked. Back in the day the final tear jerk-er was usually Whitney Houston “I will always love you” and then as music from films tends to do, other ditties claimed the crown like the classic hit from the Titanic movie blockbuster “My Heart Will Go On”. Which is deeply ironic of course, as if it did then no need for a funeral.

Fashions come and go of course and old classics still prevail like old blue eyes (Frank Sinatra to the under thirties) saw of many with his classic “I Did It My Way”. As for me I have it all mapped out, I would like to arrive the classic Carl Douglas “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting”, just to set the tone. I might even suggest audience participation if folk felt so disposed. And as for the final farewell, there is only one thing for it, the classic from the seventies TV theme tune that went on to define and shape my generation (Homage of course to the classic Who song My Generation) I speak of course of the one and only “Remember Your A Womble”. Enough said RIP.