Employee App

The simple way to stay connected with your workforce.

Employee App

What is the Employee App?

Your drivers are on the frontline of your business. But like all desk-less employees, they can easily feel disconnected. uTrack makes it possible to manage your mobile workforce from smartphones in their pockets.

Our Employee app is a simple and engaging communication tool that keeps you in constant contact with team members on the move. Drivers can check their duties, update their schedules and keep on top of everyday admin tasks. You can instantly relay real-time information that will help them to keep your buses, and your business, running smoothly.

Clients that trust Employee App:

How does it help?

Employee App can help your business in different scenarios


Connect with and inform your workforce

Relay important business-wide information or share individual performance metrics to keep your company moving in the right direction.

Help drive effectiveness on the frontline

Equip your drivers with the knowledge and tools they need so they can focus on the road.

Support your team from a distance

Engage with your mobile workforce faster than ever before to provide essential support and feedback when it’s required.

Core Features for Managers

Provide support in real-time

Messenger to communicate directly with employees

Push notification alerts

Automated imports for new employees

Curated, smart news feed

Receive employee feedback instantly


Everything in one place

Consolidates multiple legacy systems, bringing everything together and saving time.

Feel part of the company

Provides instant connections, engagement, feedback and support so you don’t feel like you’re working alone.

Stay up to date

With real-time information, local updates and business-wide news, it’s an open feedback loop relating to you and your role.

Core Features for Drivers

Duty management and holiday requests

Document Hub, access key documents even payslips

Stay in the know with curated, relevant news

Easy access and available for Android and iPhone

Communication with managers made simple

Share ideas & feedback with decision makers

Key Benefits

Reach your workforce where ever they are

Increase Productivity

Keep your drivers connected and engaged.

Drivers can access their duties and schedules, submit holiday and overtime requests and organise duty swaps, all from their personal phones.

Encourage Engagement

Make sure your workforce is in the know.

Publish company news and reports, share real-time information and provide a convenient way for drivers to contact colleagues in the business.

Better Integration

Connects to your current world.

No need to replace the tools you already use. The app integrates with existing duty management, payroll and performance management systems to create one simple employee hub.

Drive Efficiency

Continuous feedback for better performance.

Reporting data can be fed directly into the app to highlight issues such as speeding, or to provide performance updates against key metrics so drivers can review their own performance.

Cross Platform

For every employee, anywhere.

The app works seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms, benefitting all your employees.

ISO Compliant

Safe and secure.

We take data security seriously. The app complies with ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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The power in the system is seeing it. Contact us to schedule a demo and see how we can you understand your drivers on the front line in real-time.


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