There is no doubt in my mind that the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport have without doubt elevated their standing with central Government over the last few years. And if any proof were required then the recent high profile meeting that took place with the Department of Transport would most certainly be evidence enough.

The point is that in my view over almost the last 100 years the Institute has quietly and professionally grown in its standing and authority. As a result this has meant that it has a serious and a valid contribution to make to the future of this great nations. And the truth irrespective of personal opinion about the rights or wrongs of stay or leave, the vote was taken and we need to accept the will of the majority and move on as best we can.

So, it was really interesting to examine just what the CILT had to say about what we should be prioritising and i agree with all that they they say, the first issue is paramount if we are to keep trading on an equal footing then it is abundantly clear that we have to ensure that the borders are open. To go back in time and invoke borders and all that goes with it would be a travesty. Let alone what would be the implications in Ireland especially now that Mrs May has done a deal with the DUP.

The second issue is around the freedom of labour and not putting restrictions on people to come and work here in the United Kingdom. The facts are that we already have a real and massive driver shortage here both in the logistics and freight sectors and the bus and coach industry. It would be madness to stop  the flow of a labour force that is not only in decline but is absolutely dependant on foreign labour and to impose any restrictions on that workforce will only result in greater strife than we have now.

The Institute quite rightly urged immediate discussions between industry and Government on the issue of supply chain management going forward to ensure competive advantage is not lost through EU legislation.It is also vital that full negotiations should take place between the EU and UK on vehicle licensing and cabotage.

To be fair CILT have positioned themselves very strongly going forward and it is imperative that members support them by getting involved and having a say it is after all everyones future we are talking about here.