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Everybody Matters, Moving On Nicely…

Everybody Matters, Moving On Nicely…

The excellent initiative that grew from the back of the super diversity challenge event in Newark, has expanded significantly since its launch at Branigans Brasserie, in September of this year. And today I was fortunate enough to attend the first follow up meeting...

Reflections On Growing Up In A Victorian England!

Reflections On Growing Up In A Victorian England!

When I was a young boy, looking back I think that it would be fair to say that I was born at the end of an era. The values that were instilled into me, my siblings and most of our generation were traceable directly to the Victorians. Indeed my dad would tell a little...

What Ever Happened To Hand Held Devices?

What Ever Happened To Hand Held Devices?

I remember fondly my first mobile phone, it must have been sometime around 1066 or so that I got my first proper Company “mobile phone’. It is probably worth remembering that back then the term ‘mobile” phone was rather different compared to todays super slim...

Hereford Bus Depot….Reflections On The Past

Hereford Bus Depot….Reflections On The Past

There is an old saying, “ Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be”, as ever a clever play on words no doubt invented by a wag with a great sense of humour. I do not quite know how or why but somehow I have come to realise that actually I have become quite an old bloke. Now...

CILT Fellows Lunch…Jolly Good!

Well here we are again, it is that time of year again, all of Santa’s little helpers have served time on the naughty step and those who have been good are on their way to the rather splendid Copthorne Tara Hotel in the Royal borough of Kensington. To no doubt enjoy...

Focus Grasshopper, Focus…..

Focus Grasshopper, Focus…..

The vast majority of people who read these blogs, will probably have never heard of a programme that used to be highly popular back in the mid seventies of the previous millennium.. Suffice to say it had a profound effect on me that continues to this day. I talk of...

The World Cup….A Russian Triumph

The World Cup….A Russian Triumph

Well, like him or loathe him you cannot knock Vladimir Putin and the success of the Russian World Cup tournament. Against all the negativity of those who warned people not to go against allegations of unfriendliness, racism, and  thuggery, the truth is that Russia...

Bucharest Metro …Read All About It !

I remember the days when we used to travel to visit my cousin and the family in Bucharest from Mangalia, my hometown on the Black Sea coast. Making my way from a small place to what felt like the biggest place in the world to a 7-year-old boy. Arriving in Gara de Nord...

Breaking And Entering…..Stop Coach Thief!

I was having a late night foray the other day into Facebook, one of 5hose warm nights when I could not sleep, so I woke up and decided that I needed to do something. So, as the easiest option for a half asleep brain I thought was to slip into the brain fog that is...

Could It Really Be Coming Home…….Football

I read a really interesting article in the German press the day after Harry Kane scored in the 94 th minute against Tunisia that basically said that following Germany’s  defeat to Mexico the German national team needed someone like Harry Kane, who had that rare gift...

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