I do not often use this blog as a means to pay my personal respects  to individuals but in this blog I am going to do just that. The man who I am singling out  is something of an unsung hero, he has been active within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport for decades. He describes himself as a grumpy northerner as well as a life long Liverpool football fan, and I would have to agree with his self-styled description.

However,what he has done over the years for members of the Institute has been in my view simply immense, he has made it his task to comment professionally and impartially on key elements of transport policy and how it might impact on the transport profession. From being a key author of the thirty-five year transport vision to concessionary fares and Liverpool bus lanes and everything in between. John has carved himself a justified reputation as an expert whose wise opinions are listened too by the nations key decision makers.

Such reputations are not made over night indeed it tales decades of consistent contributions to get access to those who matter. John Carr has through hard work and persistence achieved such a status, when he talks people listen to him. The most recent of his deliberations has been on the passage of the Buses Bill, the single most important bill for thirty years. John has spent hours dissecting each page of the bill, as well as actually attending the debates in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, all at his own time and expense.

The result of his effort has been a formal response to the Bill which having read it today is quite simply excellent it is an intelligent, researched response that has been written by a real academic with a lifetime of experience in transport policy and buses in particular. John`s own personal input has already had an impact on the wording of the Bill, such is his own influence.

So, well done John you have made a significant and positive input on the nations transport policy a contribution that has not gone un-noticed nor un-appreciated. Hats off to John Carr.