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Bus & Coach

What is Bus & Coach?

uTrack lets you understand exactly what’s happening with every bus or coach on your network, all in real-time.

Our innovative software brings together data from multiple streams for you in a single view. We call this the “single source of truth”. It means your team can access all the information they need to make the right decision and keep your services running efficiently.

Operations managers can pinpoint incidents on a route. Drivers can be alerted to changes with the touch of a button. Passengers can be informed of a delay before it ever affects them. As a result, you can deliver better journeys and a more rewarding passenger experience.

Clients that trust Bus & Coach:

How does it help?

Bus & Coach can help your business in different scenarios


A complete picture of your network

Data from multiple sources is cross-referenced to produce actionable insights for every aspect of your network’s performance.

All the information you need, all in one place

All of the consolidated data can be accessed through a single dashboard, providing a real-time view of the bigger picture.

Direct access to the answers you need

No more waiting on other departments for information. You can see exactly what needs to be done to improve efficiency and profitability.

Core Features for Managers

Automated analysis and reporting

Customisable KPI and reporting metrics

Access to real-time and historic insight

Export data in multiple standard formats (e.g., .pdf, .csv)

User management improving GDPR

Collated data customised to target improvement metrics


Faster, real-time decision-making

Use data from your network to manage incidents as they happen based on accurate real-time analysis.

Fuller, more consistent data

Automatically cross-reference data sources to mitigate risks caused by factors such as gaps in GPS coverage.

A clear view of a network

Combine real-time and historic data from multiple sources to make more accurate journey predictions.

Core Features for Operations

A complete, real-time snapshot of your network

Map and list views for full clarity on live incidents

Insight generated from multiple data sources

Route analysis, network health checks and forecasting tools

Real-time and historical data available

Fast issue targeting with bespoke tools

Customer Service

Improve customer response times

From live bus locations to the latest on congestion build-up in key corridors, you have instant access to the answers.

Get ahead of complaints

Accurately evaluate the impact of an incident on current and future journeys to proactively alert customers before it becomes a complaint.

Taking the guesswork out of managing queries

With access to a full picture of the network, you see customer queries in real-life context as it happens.

Core Features for Customer Service

Relevant journey updates

Instant access to real-time data

Data-driven communications

Real-time monitoring and live incident management

Response time management

All the information you need, from a single dashboard

Key Benefits

Stay one step head of your buses

See the full picture

A consolidated view.

Running an efficient and profitable business relies on having a 360-degree view of the different parts of the organisation. Having that complete picture enables you to make decisions that are effective, timely and profitable.

Meet our Dashboard

Actionable insights for more efficient services.

Whether it’s reacting to incidents in real time or updating timetabling to match demand, our digital tools help you identify the best ways to improve your services.

Any data source

Compatible with your existing hardware and software.

It doesn’t matter what you’re currently running we’ll take feeds from your telematics, ticketing system and other data sources, and run them through our platform to create a complete picture of your network.

Machine Learning

Optimise routes to improve efficiency.

You can build realistic computer models to accurately evaluate changes to a route – so you can discover the impact of closing an under utilised bus stop or see how much a badly timed driver handover slows a journey.

Amaze your passengers

Improve passenger experiences, increase passenger numbers.

From journey planning to arrival at the final destination, proactively using data to deliver a better experience will ensure more passengers will want to use you again.

Graphs & Reports

Evaluate network performance from every angle.

Record everything, from route delays to passenger numbers, then transform this data into automated reports that accurately measure network performance against customised KPIs.

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