I had cause recently to be driving down the M6 after a super family celebration which took place in a most beautiful castle nestling in the very heart of the beauty that is the Lake district. As I chewed up the miles I was listening t radio 4 where not to put too fine a point all hell was being let loose with the announcement that not only had David Davies the Brexit MInister resigned, but he had been joined by amiable buffoon and now former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. He had decided that Mrs May’s Checkers Brexit plan was not Brexitey enough, and with that he was about to up stumps and jog on.

From the outside looking in it seemed like the Tory house of cards was in immediate risk of falling down. The Tories only require 49 letters from rebel Tory MPs to the leader of the 1928 committee for a vote of no confidence to be given in the Prime Minister to trigger a vote which if she lost would open a leadership contest. Huge irony really seeing as how just call me Dave only ordered the referendum as he promised the hard right that he would call the vote to unify the party once and for all. Well that clearly did not work did it.

As I was driving various Tory big guns were wheeled out including the man who wins the upper class twit award of all time, the one and only William Reece Mog, this contraversial figure gently explained that Mrs May had got it wrong and was reverting against the will of the majority who voted to leave, and that this was a remain deal, not a Brexit deal. Frankly it makes good sense to me what Mrs May is trying to do is pay homage to the wish of the majority but make the whole thing not impossible. Compromise is the only solution,and with iconic British business like JLR saying that the wrong Brexit will see them leaving Blighty and relocating elsewhere then many others will be taking their lead.

The fact that Airbus and Nissan have also said that they will not be remaining in the UK is exceptionally bad news for those who live in places like Derby where 14,000 jobs will be affected, not including the additional 12,000 support jobs that will be disappearing down the Swanee River. But, happy days the likes of Boris, David, and William will be happy as they have got control back of their borders, money, and rule making. I was amused to listen to a lively discussion between a phone Brexiteer and a Remainer who challenged him about what the great benefits of leaving were. He struggled to remember at first and then quoted immigration, before remembering the 365 million spent on the NHS that was going to be saved as per the big advert on the Brexiteers battle bus , before being advised that they admitted afterwards that it was nonsense.

I have not really been a big fan of Theresa May, however she has shown a bit of steel and common sense and realised that a compromise is the best of what are only appalling options. My real fear is that the hard core Tories like Boris and Michael Gove will end up in charge and irrespective of common sense have team UK jumping off the edge of the cliff like lemmings to a very uncertain fate. I hardly think that the 27 member states are going to do any favours should these people be in charge. After all of let us say it was the French who had voted to leave would we feel disposed to do them any favours?

Intersetingly Jezer Corbyn has been very quiet and no doubt spending more time on the allotment tending to his crops, allowing internal civil war to rip through the Tories only for him to rise to the top should this cause a General Election. Truly, you cannot make it up, the incredulous has become the norm. The next thing they will be telling us is that England are in the World Cup final…..and that really would be fantasy, would not it.?

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