One of the many highlights from last Thursday’s Busmark event was a presentation given by a man who I regard extremely highly, an engaging, articulate, and very knowledgeable chap who also posses a gift for presenting excellent quality, interesting, and sobering presentations in his area of expertise which is around the field of road safety. I first met Andrew a few years ago when we formed the Safety and Logistics Forum back in 2012, it originated after Graham Ingliss the CEO of DHL, had completed his year as President of the Institute and as tradition decreed he wanted to establish a legacy from his year in office.

And what a legacy it has turned out to be I do not think that even Graham in his wildest dreams would have thought that this new Forum would go on to achieve as much as it truly has. One of the reasons that this forum has been so successful is because we have a really dedicated and senior people from within the logistics and freight communities who happily give up their time to support the forum and deliver it’s objectives. Andrew is a good case in point he has been doing some ground breaking work in the area of accident investigation, indeed he has been involved in over 33,000 accident investigations.

This mass of experience has allowed Andrew to build up a highly respected consultancy business and has seen him work with a broad range of varied agencies. At present he is doing a project with South Wales police again around the field of accident prevention. In his presentation to the members of Busmark he shared some startling facts about medication and driving and explained that by law if you are any prescribed prediction drugs issued by a doctor then when in the car you need to have a copy of the prescription.The reason for this is so that the Police can ascertain if there any side effects that might impinge on the ability to safely drive a vehicle.

This begs the question how many bus managers actually k ow if there drivers are taking any medication, and if so is it on the banned list. This is important as any vocational drivers who are caught after an accident or just through a random check can be prosecuted and fined or worse, also it will impact on the insurance claim should one arise. It is just this type of information that Andrew has been sharing for some considerable time and the truth is that despite his best efforts very few decision makers are aware of this vital message.