There is a saying is there not about “Mans inhumanity to Man”. That extraordinary madness that allows people to make a deliberate decision to kill either random strangers or indeed very specific people for what ever reason. I have witnessed myself arguably one of the worlds most notorious locations of death and misery, namely Auschwitz concentration camp located in southern Poland.

The experience of visiting the site quite rightly has a deep and indeed profound effect on those who visit the scene of such industrial brutality and holocaust where the scale of mass destruction has to be seen to be believed. Such locations should be preserved and people must be encouraged to attend . The trouble is that it is all too easy to forget what actually happened and the sheer logistics and effort that went into the gassing of women and children simply because they were born to a certain faith.

No, I never cease to be amazed at the irony of a species that can guilty of a cruelty that no other creature on the planet exhibits. Nature allows for the survival of the fittest where we exploit the opposite of the deliberate targeting of the most vulnerable for no apparent reason. Animals need to eat to survive we take life because we can and some sadly seem to enjoy it.

So, reflecting as I was on the issue of why people chose to take life on a purely random basis for whatever justification they think is ok. It lead me to think about what impact such terrorist activity has had on the bus and coach industry in the UK. I therefor decided to investigate this further and establish the facts. My research identified 2 incidents only, across the UK from the nineteen sixties onwards. In truth I was really surprised at just how few incidents actually existed.

The first incident was in 1974 when on February 4th a coach driving on the M62 carrying soldiers and there families was blown up by members of the IRA , this attack killed 9 soldiers and 3 civilians. A random act which specifically targeted members of the armed forces with whom the IRA were at war with. The height of the “troubles” as they were known.

The second act was in London on July 7th 2007 when at 0947 the youngest of four suicide bombers detonated his suicide vest on the number 30 bus at Tavistock Square in central London. This killed 13 people all complete strangers and all sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. The driver George Psaradakis was singled out afterwards for his bravery and compassion as he tended to the wounded and the dying and inadvertently found himself the subject of the worlds media.

So there you are 2 terrible acts that took a total of 25 innocent lives because they were just really unlucky, as ever was anything achieved well of course not, it never is life just goes back to normal. We are all appalled and feel for those involved directly but then serenity and normality return and it is yet another senseless act that did nothing to change anything except for those directly affected.

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