Like every reasonable and decent person I was appalled and mortified at the savage bombing of the weak, young, and vulnerable at a pop concert held in central Manchester this week. It is genuinly very hard to understand the logic of a young man of 22 years old with like most of his victims his life ahead of him. Who saw the benefit of strapping explosives to himself and blowing him self  up and as many other random strangers as he could.

I cannot help but wonder what takes a guy born and bred in Manchester to turn against the people who he grew up with. Suffice to say this outrage will be right up there with 7/7 in London, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Tunisia, the list of these atrocities continues to grow. But just what do ISIS think that they will gain from these acts. It will not change anything, the same world order prevails just as it did before.

The original allegation was that this attack was revenge for acts that took place in Mossel in Syria. So why does bombing a gig for teenagers in Manchester compensate in any way shape or form for events in war torn Syria. The truth is that it does not and all that was intended was to take innocent lives to instil fear into regular decent people.

But, as ever the opposite effect is created where public outrage simply brings people together. We see it every time with iconic buildings flagged in the national colours of support from the unfortunate  nation that  has been targeted. The candlelight vigils held across the UK and many other nations only seem to make the public resolve stronger and make the actions of ISIS and its like even more barbaric, desperate, and alienated.

Sadly nothing will bring back the 22 people who perished in an act of random terrorism, as well as those injured, traumatised and affected by the effect of this bombing. but we will be even more inspired each time these acts occur  to bring these evil people to justice and make them accountable for their actions..

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