The vast majority of people who read these blogs, will probably have never heard of a programme that used to be highly popular back in the mid seventies of the previous millennium.. Suffice to say it had a profound effect on me that continues to this day. I talk of Kung Fu, the series followed the adventures of David Carradine, the one time Shaolin monk who left China to seek out wisdom and knowledge by trekking across the USA looking for missing relatives and spiritual enlightenment.

The series was quite philosophical for its age, it did not purely focus on the martial arts skills displayed but it also explored issues around morality, and the Zen code for both life and martial arts. It featured regular flashbacks to young Grasshopper as Mr Carradine was known as a young boy training to be a Shaolin monk. His revered old teacher would often say to him Focus Grasshopper, and duly instructed he would  do just that and by so doing master the next technique expected of him.

So, all good stuff but what has that got to do with life on the buses or indeed uTrack? Well, quite a lot really because one thing that I have learned in my life is the importance of achieving goals and outcomes. And equally important the ability to blank out noise, or distraction. I have recently been researching just how some of today’s business leaders mange to focus to ensure that they stay on their” A “ game. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Daniel Ek the 35 year old co founder and CEO of Spotify all admit to  being obsessive about achieving their goals. Musk is known for having slept on the Tesla factory floor if needed to ensure tight manufacturing deadlines would be met on time. Bill Gates never took any lunch breaks irrespective of what he was doing at 12 sharp every day a bag was delivered that had two burgers and a large fries. Mr Ek also applied ferocious control to his time, inputs and energies.

These people have discovered in business terms Focus, in the traditional practise of Shotokan Karate Do, when a technique is delivered ( block, kick, punch, etc) it has to be delivered with what the Japanese call “ Kime”. This translates as several things but my favourite definition is this “ Decide, focus of power,( at point of contact) Focus. Mind, body and spirit unite in a split second to deliver a killing blow. Businesss decisions are not in my view dissimilar, you need a strategy and you need to keep focused on delivery, if you get distracted then this will not work.I know this because I have been in businesses that have both succeeded and failed. UTrack is a success mostly because the two co founders have maintained complete focus over an eleven year journey that has seen them achieve their goals. Like Grasshopper they kept focused, and as a result achieved the required outcomes and success as a result.

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