The excellent initiative that grew from the back of the super diversity challenge event in Newark, has expanded significantly since its launch at Branigans Brasserie, in September of this year. And today I was fortunate enough to attend the first follow up meeting that took place at Siemens office in central London. The attendees were small in number, but high in calibre, as the hard work done by the two galvanising forces behind the idea, Anna Devallchio, and Kevin Richardson, lead the charge with the excellent follow up work that they have done since the initial meeting of 35 souls, who took up the threads and suggestions that flowed after the first meeting and brain storming event.

The concept behind Everybody Matters, is a very positive and powerful concept. It approaches the idea of promoting and indeed challenging diversity in the workplace to tackle the real issues that manifest every single day, for most of us who tackle challenge be it mental or physical. At the very heart of the charity is the simple concept that quite simply everybody does indeed matter. After all, if we claim to be a civilised society surly our first duty of care is to each other. And I suppose that even in these angry and divisive days of Brexit and all that goes behind it, is it not even more important that we go right back to basics, and focus on the welfare and well being of those who we work with, and for, to ensure that we get along with each other, and more importantly care for each other. And that inclusion is not just one attribute be it mental, physical, and emotional, they all matter and they all count, and are common with us all.

Trying to instigate a worthy charity, of such complexity, is a real and tough challenge, but, it remains a noble challenge as the benefits and direct beneficiaries will be the very people who get the best support, and recognition. And unlike many similar justified charities this is not about winning awards, far from it, it is about celebrating real people who have overcome massive challenges, without making any noise about it, but have simply made a difference, unsung, and not seeking recognition, but who frankly deserve some appreciation for what they have done, and this is for me the essential point. Recognition is a subtle thing that is all about modesty as much as anything else, and quite frankly, that is a refreshing change in mindset. My fervent hope is that actually dare I say it, we are moving away from a culture of winners, and maybe more into a culture of modest appreciation. Not sure if that makes any sense but after nearly two decades of popular win at any costs culture, maybe it is time that the grey achiever becomes that recognised hero, I do not know, I am merely a commentator on the absurdity of life. But I truly do believe that this amazing initiative has enormous potential, it will be hard and tough to make it work but, as one of life’s eternal optimists I have great faith, and personally I do believe that Everybody Matters, and as a final caveat to this. I recall the words my dad would say to me, which were profound in many ways. Never judge a man (or indeed women) until you have worn his moccasins, and it is in my experience very true, the humble shall be mighty and the mighty shall be humble, just all depends on that throw of the dice.

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