The grand ballroom of the super smart RAF Club based slap bang in Mayfair in the centre of London was the venue for an excellent day of lively debate and vision planning from a group of enthusiastic individuals who were representative of CILT’s representative lead bodies. The format was carefully and skilfully sculptured And for me personally I found it a most valuable and inspiring event.

The truth is that all organisations sometimes need to take a step back and evaluate just what they are doing and going forward where do they want to be at. Failure to recognise and adopt to change can be a dangerous path to tread. And arguably the celebration of 100 years of service is an excellent chance to pause, ponder, reflect, and grow. In a fast changing world where the average attention span of most people today exceeds no more than 7 seconds, before they swipe left as they say, in this hand held world that we live in. it is fair to say that keeping on the radar is a bigger challenge than ever where capturing people’s attention in a very fickle world.

One of the best ways of reinvigorating any organisation is that right back to basics and ask are we fit for purpose, do we deliver on what we set out to offer? And once you start asking these questions it is quite surprising what you start to realise, on the positive overall yes all is still fit for purpose and the core governance is right and still works. But the challenge is how to you continue to keep an organisation nimble, attractive and appealing at a time when there are numerous distractions for people’s time effort, energy and dare I say it money.

I have always been a proud and active member of CILT, it is without doubt a force for good where the art and science of Transport are indeed encouraged and supported. It has remained true to it’s purpose of developing people and strategies to advance Transport and Logistics not just in the UK but around the world. It’s next challenge is to extend and grow and attract the next generation of young professionals to see the value and benefit of membership and not only that but for them to get involved and inspired to be demanding and active members of the I statute as we move into the Centenary year. The issue is not just of the immediate present of celebrating the success of 100 years but maybe more importantly plans and pave the way ahead for the next 100 years. And while I will not be around to see it I will do my utmost to do my bit to ensure that dream is facilitated.

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