Well there is no easy way of saying this, we as an Ireland nation are frankly not very good at dealing with extreme weather conditions as we recently discovered when last week temperatures in the UK reached an all time high of 39 degrees centigrade. As it happened I happened by chance to find myself travelling down to London Town to meet with some old friends for a long overdue beer and a catch up.

Things started badly and got worse, as I arrived at the rather swanky newly designed station at 1345 to catch the 1415 to Marylebone station care of Chiltern railways. The reception area was air conditioned but with 15 minutes to go, I thought that I would give myself 15 minutes in the sunshine, I was joined by 4 other passengers and thought that all was tickety boo, until one of the passengers said does anyone know why the 1415 has disappeared off the arrivals screen. I did the decent thing and ignored the whole thing however, one very loud women who had been bellowing down her mobile phone at her minions. She went absolutely ballisistic and started shouting at how angry she was having just driven from Pershore. Then for good measure she kicked the plastic bin bag, and decided to go downstairs to find out just what the hell was gong on.

Now, I dont know about you dear reader chum, but, I thought that this was a rather over dramatic reaction to a train which as it happened was in fact delayed due to a passenger incident. However as I now needed to wait for an additional 50 minutes, I retreated back to the air conditioned cafe having inquired very politely from the nice man who sold me the return ticket what time the next train was. He went so far as to show me the screen and explained exactly what was happening both with the delayed train and the train that would now arrive, I thanked him very much and brought myself a refreshing cup of tea, as you do in a crisis.

Unfortunately for me the extremely angry woman having been ranting at some poor unfortunate outside decided that she wanted to share her anger with us all, and returned to the cafe. There she decided that the time was right having checked the departure board that she needed to tell the poor would on the receiving end how appalling the train network was and that all the staff were morons. She dropped just short of abusing her fellow passengers but I got the distinct impression she was hot, bothered, angry, and quite frankly spoiling for a fight. This aggression it seems to me is not sadly uncommon when temperatures rise to a certain level. Sadly it seems that good old Johnny English, or indeed Jenny English are very bad at coping with hot weather. Certainly the BBC news carried untold horror stories over the next 24 hours of angry passengers who had been delayed and badly let down by a failed rail network, apparently. Although we actually have one of the best rail networks in the world, but as ever we only focus on the bad bits and ignore the 90% of the good, but that is what we are good at so, hurrah.

As for me I got to London jumped into an air conditioned cab to my fully air conditioned hotel then got another cab to meet my friends at a rather nice pub on the banks of the Thames, overlooking HMS Belfast, before enjoying a splendid dinner at the Ivy. I can highly recommend the food there by the way it was very nice. An empty tube across town and a brisk walk saw me safe and sound ready for a good nights sleep. Not an angry bone in my body me.

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