It is sometimes a good idea to take a little step back and just ask yourself, just what on earth is going on with the modern world order. One of the curses of having cancer is that the life saving chemotherapy that you get free of charge care of the wonderful NHS. Means that there are side effects and consequences, in my case insomnia, in truth before cancer I had been a pretty regular sleeper happy on my 7 hours a day. However, the truth is that sleep deprivation is an absolute nightmare, if you pardon the pun. Truth be told I would love to have a nightmare, or indeed to quote Hamlet,”Perchance to dream”.

Why am I gibbering on about all this and the EU elections? Well simple really my lack of sleep means that I usually spend most of the early hours watching the BBC News channel. To be honest the BBC News channel is a whole new world of discovery, they cover stories, countries and amazing people that I would never have come into contact with, had I not been awake all night. One of the things that occurs to me is to reflect back on what with pink tinted spectacles could be viewed the good old days. The early Blair years, Brit pop, those heady post Thatcher years appeared stable and positive especially when compared to todays mad world.

In the week when a comedian becomes the President of Ukraine, when he has never had any political experience, it kind of puts world politics into some sort of perspective. Closer to home the utter shambles that has become British politics since Brexit, continues to spiral into a world of freefall. As the Maybot slides towards the exit, and Boris the Buffoon positions himself to become the next Prime Minister, we look forward to the forthcoming European Election. An election which the UK was never destined to be a part of, as in theory we should have left the EU by now, but no, we find ourselves still flailing around like a distressed whale, still trying to find a compromise that the House of Commons will never allow, due to the polarity of opinion and belief. And so by default we have ourselves a European election which we may not actually last long enough to allow the winners to take their seats.

And ironically as it stands leading the opinion polls is the Brexit party, they have no policies they are not a party, they are funded by who knows who. And they are leading the charge, the utter contempt that the British people have for the Conservatives and Labour parties will be manifest in the EU elections as they recently were in the local council elections where they were both decimated. It leaves me asking the question how on earth did we find ourselves in this God forsaken mess. If someone had written a book that this would happen, no one would have believed it, but here we are in this situation of farce and ridicule. The UK is seen as a worldwide joke, we have lost credibility and who can blame the rest of the world, were I on the outside looking in I would feel the same.

So, the electioneering continues around the UK with all sides putting their case forward, the Liberal Democrat’s have emerged as the remain party canvassing for a second referendum. It will be very interesting to see just what happens. Mr Farage was attacked by a Geordie who threw a Mc Donalds milkshake over him. For me such behaviour is unacceptable, irrespective of ones views about the individuals attacks be they physical or verbal are not part of the democratic process. The world sadly is a more angry and divided world than it used to be, one can only hope that gradually reason and respect will return, as a born optimist I hope so, but with chaos at the helm just who knows will happen. All that I know is that one thing is for sure, you could not make it up.

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