You really need to be a certain age to recall a particularly catchy ditty from the brilliant but brief Musical Youth, a young Rasta band made up of mostly schoolboys from Brum. They released their iconic single in 1982 when I was a young man of 22 years of age. The song was about the joys of having a big old spliff and how joyful it made you feel when the adversities of life can prove to be more than challenging. It was about the joy of release if only temporarily, and naturally a suitable subject matter for the uber topical bus and coach technology blog site which is this one, just in case you were wondering.

So, why am I banging on about my veneration of the celebration of Jah and the benefits of hallucinating drugs. Well, the obvious answer of course is given the present day madness which is life in 2019, and all the absurdity of political life then frankly some strong weed is not a bad idea. One thing for sure it is much better than the anaesthetic which is alcohol, and by booze I am talking about the hard core stuff Tennants Super Strength at 11%, and its ilk. No, given the choice the after effects of the ganja are without doubt much less harmful than the effects of binge drinking. Talking of which a survey last week revealed that the Brits are the worlds best or worst binge drinkers with Brits getting blotto apparently something like 60 times a year. Indeed it provoked a debate about should the NHS give advice about just how we should get drunk properly. Truly beggars belief, but that is life in todays world.

Anyway my reflecting on such issues got me thinking about my own little foray into the world of mind bending drugs. Now sorry to admit I have never been a drug taker, beer yes please but the drug options legal and illegal no thank you. My own close encounter came years ago when I was 21 and in College in the USA. At a party one night I was introduced to a Bong, I had no idea what a Bong actually was, other than the noise that Big Ben makes, but no in this case it was but basically a big water filled pipe full of weed. You are supposed to take a big old sniff of the weed that goes straight up your nose and into the brain box. No one told me this so when it was my turn rather than inhale I did the opposite and blew into it. Oops big mistake water and weed flew everywhere and i had to leave swiftly.

However, the one occasion where I really did have a good old go at hard core drugs was when I was in hospital. Oh yes happy days post my tumour removal operation, I spent three days in the Critical care unit, as I was at grave risk of sepsis, and death, not that I was aware of any of that information. No, I was in happy oblivion, the reason being that a couple of hours after I woke up a very nice nurse called Sally came in and introduced me to my new best friend, a big green button with the letter M written on it. The M stood for Morphine, and the deal was simple, whenever you feel any pain or discomfort you just press the magic button and that will release the morphine into your blood system. Well, it did not take me long I can tell you, before long the button was being rung like it was Avon calling. It began to sound like a pinball machine, and of course I was completely out of my tree, although I had no idea. Of course my wonderful family and friends were very aware at the utter gibberish that I was coming out with. I even sent a friend of mine a text advising him that I had just come second in the Grand National… Really, but the best bit was when I fell asleep and as if by mushroom magic my bed converted into a magic carpet, able to fly anywhere and through anything, seriously I would end up in Narnia. It was great.

Truly happy days and after three days they told me that the sepsis scare was over and I would be transferred to a ward. This meant the end of my new found drug dependency and of course there were tears. I tried to steal the magic button but sadly i was apprehended, I loved it while I had it but at least it was not quite the end, as each night at bed time they gave me a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, did the trick. Looking back happy days indeed, and now as a party political broadcast is about to take place with Mr Farage, I am searching for my big button with the M on top….

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