Well, at last the insane has become the norm, I was in London yesterday on one of the hottest days ever recorded, at one point I went past the House of Commons, going past the statue of one of all time heroes, Winston Spencer Churchill. He, like me must be crying in his beer to see a man so vilified both personally, professionally, and politically that it almost seems incredible that one so flawed has suddenly got his finger on the button at Number ten.

The new members of the cabinet are a worrying bunch with the Home Secretary supporting the return of the death penalty. William Rees Mogg becomes Leader of the House of Commons, a man who reminds me for some reason of Christopher Lee who played Dracula in the old Hammer House Of Horror films made in the fifties and sixties. A devout catholic he is avidly against gay marriage and abortion, and has been an outspoken anti European since inception. Grant Schapps becomes Transport Minister. He has had a colourful life to date with allegations of having a second job while he was an MP by using a false name. He also resigned following bullying allegations within the party after the tragic death of a young man who was working for the Conservative party.

No idea what his thoughts on the bus industry are at the moment, but in fairness his brother used to be the keyboard player in Big Audio Dynamite headed by Clash legend Mick Jones, part of the best band in the world obviously. The future of British politics is at a crossroad, sadly the overall view of the worlds press is that this once respected and admired nation had committed Hari Kari on a monumental scale. Famous for caution and common sense it has gone into free fall since the referendum three years ago.

Of course President Trump was delighted that Boris had won the Conservative members election of 160,000 card carrying members who elected a Prime Minister of whom no other people other than the mostly white, elderly, southern based Conservatives had any say over what so ever. Truly hard to make up, but sad but true, I will keep my eyes firmly shut indefinitely for the next 100 days as we hurtle to a no deal Brexit which will plunge this nation into a period of darkness not experienced before, and all utterly self inflicted. I’m off to the fridge to get a cold lager.

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