Computer mockup of the RYGO product that showcase the app dashboard with Trips and map, also schedules and late trips along with the Passenger mobile app and bus nearby

Child safety starts with school bus tracking

How Rygo’s live GPS tracking gives parents and schools peace of mind when it comes to Child Safety 

Child safety is a huge problem for schools, and it doesn’t start at school, it starts with a lack of school bus tracking on the journey to school. 

With 43% more collisions happening during term times, parents using personal transport to get their children to school put everyone at more risk, including the students themselves. Schools and parents need to agree to move to other forms of transportation and the most likely alternative is a dedicated school bus system. 

However, even having a dedicated school bus network has safety problems especially when the days get darker and colder. Parents don’t want their child to be stood outside in the dark and cold hoping that a school bus will turn up. That’s where we come in. 

Rygo’s live tracking processes GPS data every 5secs to near eliminate latency and provide exceptional accuracy. More importantly, what this means is that safety issues such as a child stuck waiting at a school bus stop is no longer a problem. Schools, parents and students can track the bus with industry-leading accuracy (more accurate than google). 

Here are some of the benefits of Rygo’s amazing GPS tracking. 

Computer mockup of the RYGO product that showcase the app dashboard with Trips and map, also schedules and late trips along with the Passenger mobile app and bus nearby

Key Benefits 

Live monitoring of trips 

Having live monitoring on Rygo benefits everyone. Students and parents benefit from checking when the bus will be arriving at the stop, so they are ready for pickup. Schools benefit from seeing all school bus operations and when certain buses or students will be arriving at school. Bus operators benefit from accurately seeing how routes perform in real-time so that they can suggest any route alterations. 

Historical replay of trips 

Being able to historically see how certain routes perform is important for schools and operators as it allows them to optimise the service by adding and removing stops where needed. It also improves bus routes to offer parents and students more reliable and efficient transport. 

View stop arrival/departure times 

Seeing stop arrival/departure times means that more time can be factored for idling at popular stops with lots of students boarding. This means that timetables and ETA’s for subsequent stops can be more accurate. It also allows schools to remove any stops that are no longer being used. Every year new students join the service so adding and removing stops means that timetables need to be more agile. 


For more information about how we can help optimise your school bus service, please head to our RYGO page.

Written by Andy Coulson

September 17, 2021

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