ITT Hub 2021 Conference: Innovation & Technology in transport

On Wednesday 30th July, a few members of uTrack attended the 2021 ITT Hub conference in Farnborough.

ITT Hub (Innovation & Technology in Transport Hub) the event organisers, hosted some of the best innovations that the transport industry had to offer. The industry had good representation. From fleet optimisation solutions to zero-emission vehicles (Volta) and local transport authorities (Innovate UK) to global private transport companies (Ford, Mercedes). Most importantly, everyone seemed united in advancing innovation across the industry. Which was great to see.

This was the first transport & logistics event that we have been able to attend in person in 2 years. So it was a joy to speak to people facemask to facemask (COVID-19 compliance was in place throughout the event).

Over 4,000 members from across the industry attended ITT Hub 2021. Which mean it was the largest event of its kind in over 40 years. The whole industry (like many others) was hit hard by the effects of COVID-19, so this was a positive sign.

Post ITT Hub 2021: What tomorrow’s transport industry looks like

The transport sector has always had a direct impact on people’s lives. As a result, the innovations that we saw at the conference, showed a big shift to bring about real change to peoples daily lives. And showed an intent to offset the effects of Coronavirus. In short, if we are to bounce back against the effects of Covid-19, this innovation needs to be at the heart of the change. New hardware and software technology will lead us out of these difficult times and into a brighter future.

A massive thanks to ITT Hub for hosting the event. The conference was a great success in spite of the circumstances (caused by COVID-19). It was a great showcase of what is in store for the future.

When more of these events begin to open up, we look forward to taking part. Inspiring each other in person to help make transport & logistics services better than they have ever been.

Written by Andy Coulson

July 12, 2021

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