Bus Usage in Decline?

In the following article in the Birmingham Mail, it has been interesting to read about the decline in bus usage in the West Midlands.

The bus is probably the easiest form of public transport that people can get. To me, it is the least entry to barrier form of public transport making it a viable solution for all to use.

So how do we increase passenger numbers?

The announcement of £5bn set aside for public transport is fantastic, however, if we don’t use the right insights, we could end up using the funds on well-intentioned, but ineffective solutions. The bus companies around this region have done particularly well at introducing new buses with WiFi, charging points and leather seats. All of this is great, but if passengers are stuck in traffic, all of these great additions begin to erode.

So we have to tackle congestion. How? The industry has an abundance of data, but there needs to be closer collaboration between the local authorities and the operators to actively tackle congestion, ease of access, route efficiencies, amongst many more opportunities with the goldmine of abundant data.

This is what the team here at uTrack is doing. We have been helping operators and authorities across Europe and North America for over 10 years, to unleash the insights within the data, providing a “single source of truth” that paints a true picture of what is happening on the network. Together, we believe we can make public transport amazing.

Find out more about the products that have been used for over a decade across Europe and North America –

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Written by Andy Coulson

February 17, 2020

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