Origin: Creating the new standard for bus operations

One of our greatest accomplishments as a company has been to be able to completely transform the operations of the transport companies that we work with. We believe that this is the way we can make public transport amazing.

Each of our products helps achieve this however none more so than our Origin system. Origin is designed to give a previously unseen view of operations so that significant advancements can be discovered, highlighted and implemented. It also means that continual improvements can be made based on data rather than assumptions, thus improving the service for passengers and potential passengers.

How Origin is creating a new standard of bus operations:

Providing a single source of truth


Seeing data rather than just customer feedback allows you to pinpoint the source of the problem directly and fix it helping resolve a large blocker rather than a small and specific error.

Wholistic view

If you don’t innovate then you fall behind. This is something that the public transport industry has struggled with for decades as it constantly gets outperformed by personal vehicles. Origin has a wholistic data view, that shows what customers need. If customers’ needs are fulfilled, then they will use the service again.

Proactive & reactive

Some problems cannot be foreseen which is why Origin deals with information in real-time so that actions can be taken as fast as possible. Some issues, on the other hand, grow until they become a problem too big to ignore. With Origin, these problems are proactively identified using accurate, real-time information so actionable solutions can be implemented.

Hardware & software agnostic

By design we have made Origin as easy to integrate as possible. That way they can be adopted by as many different operators, institutions, telematics providers, transport authorities, and local authorities as possible. We want our systems to be used by everyone so that transport overall improves.

Written by Andy Coulson

December 16, 2020

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