Go-Ahead Ireland creates Late Running Requests with uTrack

We are very excited to announce that we have been working hard with our colleagues at Go-Ahead Ireland to produce a brand-new feature for their employee app that will improve efficiency and communication between drivers and managers.


Other new features include:

Staff directory:

The idea behind this feature is that if a driver is due to finish their duty but knows they are not going to finish on time, they can request overtime through the app. This will help track patterns of late running which can feed back into schedule changes and also creates an easy and efficient way for colleagues to request overtime.

Benefits for drivers:

  • Paid correctly for overtime
  • Better communication with managers

Benefits for business:

  • Simplification of overtime pay procedure
  • Amend schedules based on delays
  • Improve speed and reliability of service
  • Real-time tracking of late running requests and payments

We’re looking forward to assisting Go-Ahead Ireland’s employees with this helpful new feature.

For more information on other features of our employee app please Click Here.

Written by Andy Coulson

September 25, 2020

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