The rise of the face covering in all of its guises

Face Coverings the New Fashion Must

Are face coverings the new way to express your personality?

With the compulsory use of a face coverings being the “new norm” on public transport in the UK, it got me thinking… Are they going to be the new must have fashion accessory??

Upcycled pieces of clothes, be it a sock, a favourite pattern from a top that no longer serves its purpose, through to your mom’s old curtain material with a retro print that reminds you of your childhood bedroom in the 1980’s.

Little independents are offering some of the most creative options, cute little ditsy prints, your favourite Marvel/DC character, or even an inspirational quote (or not in some cases I’ve seen!) Here is a link to Etsy, a great website to search for what independents have to offer.

High street brands are also joining in with some very affordable looks, which won’t break the bank but will make you stand out on your daily commute! Here is a link to a great article from Glamour Magazine

Then we move to the designer brands… Ranging from a very decent £10 to past £65 depending on the designer. Here is a link to an article from Harper’s Bazaar

I asked my colleagues & friends to show me some of their face coverings…

What I can take from my research is personality and personal preference is the definitely key. Maybe Mask Spotting will become a future spectator sport?

Watch this Face!

Written by Rebecca Hyslop

July 10, 2020

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