So, We Have A New Prime Minister….Oh, No We Don’t

So, there I was, watching the election results until half past two in the morning, and as I retired to me weary bed, seriously hoping that my brain would let me sleep, I had to come to the realisation that no matter what my personal thoughts might be. The fact was that after nine years of austerity Tory politics, we can now look forward to a minimum of another five years of probably Mr. Johnson being the Prime Minister, talking a minimum total of 14 years of a Conservative lead government although part of it was a coalition with the Liberal Democrat’s, where a certain David Cameron, was in partnership with Nick Clegg, remember them ?

The next morning it was abundantly clear that the country had woken up Blue, Jeremy Corbyn having done superbly in the calamitous Theresa May snap election, a couple of short years ago, but not anymore.Two schools of thought appear post the Corbyn carnage, the first is that the general public just did not seem to trust him, and were unimpressed with his previous historic associations. The second view is fundamentally opposed to the first, and suggests that a Tory owned press has turned the public against the demonised Jeremy Corbyn, not helped by a very unambiguous view on Brexit.

Either way it matters not, the truth is that irrespective of your point of view, the Johnson government will Get Brexit done by the end of January 2020. Just like that oven ready chicken, that the PM likes to talk about. And now with a massive majority in the House of Commons, the nations is ready for the next chapter, it will include the departure of the UK from the EU, and no doubt we will have to wait and see what happens next, as trade deals hopefully start to emerge from the fog of world trade options. There comes a point I suppose where you just have to accept what happens and get on with it, being a pragmatic chap that is exactly what I will do. So, we will see what happens in the next few months, either way life is never dull, and I will remain the optimist, someone who always tries to see the best in everything, and this I will continue to do, being true to my mantra in uTrack of Onwards and Upwards .

Written by Austin Birks

December 24, 2019

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