Roll Up, Roll Up, Join The First Big Logistics And Transport Diversity Challenge

I have to take my hat off to a very enterprising and highly energetic and capable lady by the name of Anna Delvecchio FCILT. Anna has been leading the charge to try and get as many people as possible to join in what looks like a really good and fun event that will not only provide a great day out. But more importantly will help promote the bigger message about the importance of diversity within the transport and Logistics industry. Lead by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the event will be taking place on Wednesday June 26th at Newark showground in Nottinghamshire.

Teams of players will be tested both physically and mentally as the Krypton Factor meets Its A Knockout, for those old enough to remember those old great TV programmes. There are at present over 250 brave souls who have signed up to enjoy the day and let battle commence. The teams represent all sectors of the Logistics and Freight Communities, they also include a fair representation from the Bus and Coach sector, with teams from the likes of Stagecoach and National Express.

The plan is to make the day a fun event which it will be, with teams vying to do their best with both physical and mental challenges. A fair few graduates have been enticed to attend, although all levels of Companies are represented with a good sprinkling of CEO’s and other senior attendees. It has seemingly attracted the imagination of the industry, but like all these ventures it needs people to lead and galvanise and this is exactly what Anna has done. Her efforts have also managed to attract some of the most senior people in the world of Logistics and Transport, who will be attending the day itself and visibly lend their support to this truly worthy event.

There is no doubt in my mind that diversity is a key issue in the world of Logistics and Transport, if the truth be told the sector has been too male dominated for many years. I am personally delighted that at last real energy and momentum are being put into create a more diverse workforce, and the under representation of women in senior positions within the different sectors is still a challenge to be faced and overcome. In truth I have seen in my 37 year career a huge difference in the changing and cosmopolitan nature of the UK workplace. Yes, we are at the early stages of change and it needs to build up momentum and energy, but I am fundamentally committed to ensuring that we employ a workforce that is truly representative of todays modern world in all its wonderful complexity. Where no one is judged for their colour, race, religion, or sexual orientation. None of these things matter in a world where you are judged on who you are and what you do.

CILT I believe has been pioneering this agenda and the efforts of Anna and others like Bethany Fovargue, at Novus have been instrumental in getting awareness of women in Logistics elevated within the Forums and sectors. The main board have made it a priority to pursue this agenda and in fairness key players within the Institute have really embraced this worthy aspiration. It is actually hoped that next years event will attract a massive 500 entrants, and why not think big. I am genuinely looking forward to attending the event if my circumstances allow me too. Either way I will make it a priority to support this as much as I can. I will of course keep you advised how the day goes.

Written by Austin Birks

April 1, 2019

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