Election Time: The Nation Decides

Sometimes they say, time stands still, only of course at very special moments, like when you drown, or in moments of great decision making like your wedding day, anyway you no doubt get my drift. I have to say that this General election has most certainly not been one of those moments. Indeed I’m reminded of the classic Groundhog Day with one of my favourite actors Bill Murray. Where he lives the same day every single day, it is quite a clever film, and without doubt I feel quite honestly like the nation has been caught up in this surreal dream. Or, maybe that should be a nightmare, either way it is finally time to get the voting done, as one of the people in charge of the circus, used to say, whilst apparently wishing to die in a ditch rather than not get Brexit done.

So, I have been doing my usual sleep deprived thing of watching the documentaries, I have been listening also to many different mediums, and finding how to work out what the best use of my hard won vote can offer to make this nation great again. Obviously I fully comprehend that in my constituency of Bromgrove and Clent, the sitting MP happens to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, so there is not a hope in hell of this blue Tory heartland changing colour anytime soon. But of course that is not the point, what matters is the actual principle of using the vote that was hard fought for.

As the election campaign has occurred it strikes me that unlike other elections that I can recall (11, last time I checked), which of course clearly makes me very old, I can honestly say that I cannot think of a more polarised, angry, and cynically unhappy people, than we as a nation currently portray. No doubt about it, it’s a tough one, either way you are doomed or damned, it all is dependent on your values and priorities, and in that regard I do love that about us Brits. No matter how unfair or unjust things get, we are very good at insisting on fair play, those unwritten laws and codes that permeate the school playgrounds back in he day, still I hoped were still hard wired into the DNA of most decent people. But, sadly for reasons yet to be fully understood that classic trait of tolerance, and respect seems to have deserted us, and I am really not sure, just or why things changed. But, they are reflective of these strained and turbulent times in which we live. And tomorrow will deliver whatever it brings, my crystal ball does not gladden my heart of honest, but hey that is the price of democracy.

So, whatever happens we will as a nation, deal with whatever cards we get dealt, and we work to move onto the next stage. Yes, my chums, can you imagine a post Brexit, post election world, where we might focus our efforts on the real social issues that matter to this nation. The boring stuff, like the NHS, education, social care, policing, the homeless, the list goes on, but this stuff matters, and beyond the politics we need to get the caring edge back into our national psyche, division helps nobody, unity is the name of the game, and I always felt the word United as in United Kingdom, as pivotal and I still believe it is. But, the people will decide as they always do, so God help us.

Written by Austin Birks

December 11, 2019

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